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Monday, May 5, 2014

Lipstick, Lemon Drops & Love

Out of My Comfort Zone

Hello, Loves♥  I've started a new blog with a few of my friends called Lipstick, Lemon Drops & Love.  Don't worry, I will still be blogging here as usual; this is just something extra and fun to do with three women I have grown to love and adore in Second Life (and real life to be honest).  If you would like to check out their personal blogs, please click the following links: Vixen Thibedeau, Danica Saerwen and Liane Boomhauer.

To see the styling information for the photo above, please head on over and check out my post Out of My Comfort Zone.  
Thursday, May 1, 2014



I thought it would be fun to do a #ThrowbackThursday post where I take a picture from the early days of my blog and recreate the look I was trying to achieve.  I took so many photos back then and sometimes did multiple posts in one day.  Now, I'm much more concerned about the quality of my photos rather than the quantity of items featured.


The original picture is almost embarrassing.  I had not clue how to take a high resolution snapshot and I was still wearing a newbie shape.  At least I had upgraded to a nice skin by this point and knew about windlights; I suppose that is a positive.

I really love jackets, sweaters and pullovers in my real life, so naturally I would also want to bring that to my Second Life.  Who cares that my ava can never really get cold!  Layers are so much prettier with mesh than they were with system layers; they can, however, be more difficult to accomplish if the two pieces were not made for each other.  Thankfully, there are several Second Life who creators do make these types of outfits with pieces that can be worn together or separately.  The outfit I'm wearing in the top photo is Stiles in plum by coldLogic; sixteen total colors and patterns are available in this style.

The original post that inspired my #ThrowbackThursday photo wasn't about clothing at all, however, but was all about the new hair releases from TRUTH.  He is, as everyone knows, still putting out amazing hair.  As long as we are talking about the 'old days', I suppose I could share my first trip to TRUTH.  When I teleported in, everything was taking forever to rezz.  I haven't always been the most patient person and didn't feel like waiting for what felt like an eternity for everything to load.  I'm pretty sure that one of the large sales was going on at the time, and if you have ever visited during a sale, you know how packed and chaotic it can be.  I decided that the hair probably wasn't good enough to wait around for anyway and promptly teleported out.  Obviously, I've changed my tune.  Truth Hawks is most definitely one of the most talented hair creators on the grid, and even though I would not recommend teleporting in during the first few days of his sales, his products are definitely well worth the wait!

Clothing: Stiles in Plum by coldLogic
Jewelry: Vintage Bow Charm Necklace by Yummy Accessories
Hands: Mesh Hands Elegant by Slink
Nail Applier: Pearl Nails by Izzie's
Hair: Elyse by TRUTH
Skin: Mokatana by Glam Affair
Skin Applier: Slink Hands Applier America by Glam Affair
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Glass by IKON
Pose: sweet.sour pose 5 by