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About Me

My character, Lashae Karsin, has been an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life since October 2009.  I have always been an avid admirer of Second Life fashion and since first locating the 'snapshot' button, I have been a lover of photography in world.  I have been blogging fashion since June 2010, and it has truly been a learning process.

In my real life, I am a high school general science/general chemistry teacher.  It's both a love and a hate career, but I truly feel that I am right where I was meant to be.  As with most other real life teachers, I seem to also be a professional student.  I have been working on my graduate degree since Spring 2009, and if I go missing on my blog from time to time, it most likely is an indication that real life has gotten very hectic.  Don't worry though, I always come back.

I'm not looking for a relationship in Second Life as I have already met my real life love.