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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 17 of 52 Weeks of Color: Shuttle Gray

52WoCC - Shuttle Gray

Finally caught up!  I'm determined with this round of the color challenge to not let myself get too far behind because I know me... I'll never finish if I do.  Two posts in one day isn't so bad though.  Hopefully summer will get here soon so I will have more time to blog!

I really love the outfit I threw together for shuttle gray, and you will probably be happy to know that it is super cheap!  One of our bloggers at Seraphim wasn't able to cover her usual Super Bargain Saturday post today; so, I covered it for her.  One of the stores in the event, who unfortunately didn't have an item out, was a treasure trove of cuteness.  There aren't actually many designs out by Ohmarie Couture yet, but the few that are only 20L each!  I don't believe there was a reduction in price for a sale because there were no signs.  Adorable mesh for such a low price is a complete win.  The top is available in five colors and includes five sizes.  I made sure to slap the subscribo because I definitely want to keep an eye on this designer.

My so very cute capris are one of the new items out by Kyoot for Collabor88.  I look forward to the new rounds each month and snag up all of the items I know will definitely be staples of my inventory.  Five colors of the Etienne Capris are available through the beginning of May.

Clothing: [Top] Adelheid in Grey by Ohmarie Couture, [Undershirt] Femme Lace in Honey by JANE and [Pants] Etienne Capris in Grey by Kyoot @ Collabor88
Jewelry: Tumbled Stones Bracelet in Newsprint by EarthStones @ Collabor88
Hair: Pretend in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: Pout (Sundust) in Brat 1 by Curio
Pose: Model 157 by Glitterati

Week 16 of 52 Weeks of Color: Bright Turquoise

52WoCC - Bright Turquoise

I wonder at times if life could possibly get any busier. I'm sure that it could, but sometimes that is difficult to imagine.

The outfit I'm wearing for my color challenge post was found by chance. I was asked to make a post about a moving sale on Seraphim for a store I had never heard of. I always like to check places out before I post about them; so, I teleported on over and ran right into the perfect outfit for bright turquoise. The Tally outfit by Leri Miles Designs is sold separately and comes in six different colors. The top is composed to system layers and prim pieces that contain convenient resize scripts. I absolutely love the color combination of blue and orange, but that could be a bit of bias on my part since those were close to my high school colors. The sale lasts through the end of the month.

The necklace I'm wearing is a recent item from Izzie's. I've always thought owls were so beautiful and even a bit mystic. They are very intelligent birds, and their eyes give them such depth and intrigue. The necklace is included in two metal options, and the eyes and 'feather' jewels are color change.

Clothing: [Top] Tally in OrangeTurq and [Pants] Tally Leggings in Blue by Leri Miles Designs
Jewelry: *Owl Necklace Silver by Izzie's
Hair: Away in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: Pout (Sundust) in Big Baby 1 by Curio
Pose: Model 148 by Glitterati

 * Denotes promotional copy.
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 15 of 52 Weeks of Color - Seashell Peach

52WoCC - Seashell Peach

I was having a difficult time finding a color so light for this week's challenge when sweet Luna suggested to do nude poses. My first thought was that there was no way this side of the Mississippi that I was going to pose nude even in a Second Life snapshot. I consider Lashae to be a digital representation of my real life self; so, she has to have some modesty, too! But, then I remembered that I had picked up the super cute mesh towel pose prop from Glitterati when I had shopped the 100L pose sale (which is still going on). I'm extremely pleased with how my photo turned out, and I have to give thanks to Luna for planting the seed that inspired the final product.

Filthy Skins released new designs recently; the one I am wearing is titled Melody and comes in four skin tones with eight makeups each. I know that I have said it countless times, but it is really true that I fall more in love with this designer's work with each new release. Her products are simply stunning.

Clothing: Mesh Wrapped Towel by Glitterati
Hair: Carrie in Timid Brown by
Skin: *Melody in Cream 07 by Filthy Skins
Pose: Towel 6 by Glitterati

* Denotes promotional copy.
Friday, April 6, 2012



Such a pretty mesh dress just in time for Easter! Or, as I like to call it, Resurrection Sunday. Whatever you celebrate (or don't celebrate), you will definitely want to visit Eclectic Apparel if your taste in clothing is dressy casual to formal. This recently opened store features a variety of mesh clothing including tops, bottoms, coats and dresses. I really love the softness of the textures used by the designer; they definitely have a very feminine feel to them. The Kate dress is available in eight colors. Your purchase includes five sizes, an alpha layer and shadow layers which I absolutely love. A free demo is available for your purchasing convenience.

I really love jewelry from EarthStones, but unfortunately the pieces are on my 'not to purchase frequently' list because they are a bit pricey and I live on an SL budget (Poo!). However, there is good news! EarthStones is one of the many talented designers who participates in Collabor88 where the Neisha Set is available. The necklace and earrings are sold separetly with a combined price of 276L. Six different colors are available, and if you like the set you better not wait too long to snag it up because the new collection of Collabor88 will be out April 8th.

Like my hair? This is truly and oldy but goody. I used to live in my hair but it kind of faded to the background when Parvarti Monday (aka Elika Tiramisu) stopped making hair for the store. Dylan is still available with four color pack purchase options.

Clothing: *Kate in Puce by Eclectic Apparel
Jewelry: Neisha in Black/Rhodochrosite/Sugilite by EarthStones @ Collabor88
Shoes: Montsegur Pumps in White (edited) by mon tissu
Hair: Dylan in Thoughtful Brown by
Skin: *Brianna Pale by Izzie's
Makeup: [Eyes] *Brianna Eyeshadow Black by Izzie's and Black Eyeliner Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala; [Lips] *Brianna Lipstick Rose by Izzie's
Pose: Model 136 by Glitterati

* Denotes promotional item
Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 14 of 52 Weeks of Color - Royal Purple

52WoCC - Royal Purple

I'm a tad bit later than I would like to be with my Color Challenge post this week, but SeraphimSL has kept me sssoooo busy! Blame the girls over there. Lol There is so much awesome newness in my outfit for this week. The first is that Pixel Mode now has mesh! I really love that so many talented designers are embracing this fluid form of design. The dress I chose for my photo is titled Missy; it is available in eight colors and four sizes are included with your purchase.

52WoCC - Royal Purple

I have been wearing my Brianna Skin from Izzie's nonstop ever since its release a few weeks ago. I love it so much that I was almost afraid to take it off to try on the new skin, Cassandra, also from Izzie's. But, not to worry... I like this one as well! Cassandra is available in six tones, and your purchase includes cleavage/no cleavage and freckles/no freckles options as well as ten tattoo eyeshadows, ten tattoo lipsticks, a nail base on the glove layer, a brow shape and the modifiable Cassandra body shape. You get so much product for your money in this purchase!

The jewelry set I'm wearing is a new release, titled Turquoise, from je suis for the ZombiePopcorn Collection. This set contains so many small, detailed pieces. I absolutely love the color combinations; it definitely makes the set very versatile. A ring is also included with your purchase of the necklace and earrings.

Clothing: Missy in Mauve by Pixel Mode
Jewelry: *Turquoise by je suis @ ZombiePopcorn Collection
Hair: Here in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: *Cassandra in Pale by Izzie's
Makeup: [Eyes] *Cassandra Eyeshadow Purple by Izzie's and Black Eyeliner Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala; [Lips] *Lipstick Soft Pink by Izzie's
Poses: [1] Three Quarter 3 by !bang and [2] Stand 124 by !bang

* Denotes promotional copy.