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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 5 of 52 Weeks of Color - Patina

52WoCC - Patina

This week's color has proven to be the most difficult for me yet. The cute mesh dress I'm wearing was not my first outfit of choice. I began with a really adorable dress from Donna Flora, but the translucent skirt proved to be a bit too much for shadows, and I found myself shopping once again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Oxford Dress by LeeZu, I just wish that I hadn't spent money on something that I didn't use. Who knows though... it may prove to be useful at a later date. If you drop by LeeZu in the near future, be sure to check out the tops section of the store; there is a mesh shirt in four different colors for only L$50 each! What a steal!

I had never tried an Atomic skin until they started showing up in The Dressing Room Blue a few weeks ago. I have a habit of snagging up the discount skins every week from the two shops even though I typically have no idea when or where I will use them. But, you never know what will pop up with this challenge, so I'm really glad that I bought it! I do believe that this may be one of my favorite new skins; Ivy Graves' work is absolutely amazing. I will most likely be making a trip to the main store location soon to check out what other goodness she has. Unfortunately, the skin I'm wearing is no longer available at TDRB, but there is a new Atomic skin with luscious red lips just waiting for you to buy it!

Clothing: [Dress] Oxford Dress Mesh in Wool Turquoise by LeeZu and [Pants] *White Cotton Leggings (edited) by Siss Boom
Jewelry: *Leah by je suis
Hair: Faith in Mocha with Roots by TRUTH
Skin: Grace Skin - Buff - Winter Kiss by Atomic @ The Dressing Room Blue (No Longer Available)
Pose: *Poofy 8 by aDORKable Poses

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Color - Iron

52WoCC - Iron

I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with Luna's Color Challenge for four weeks in a row! I tend to be a terrible procrastinator which is perhaps why I didn't finish the last one. I know it is only week four, but I'm trying really hard to not get behind.

The adorable outfit I am wearing is The Sea Hole's contribution to the January collection of Collabor88. Both the Herron Skirt and the Minna blouse come in six colors at 88L each. There is also a cute parasol that has been designed to go with the outfit which is also available in six colors at 88L each. Now, I know this outfit isn't the mesh that I have been loving for the past month or so, but it is still a really pretty and classy outfit. Hopefully, Drinkinstein will start releasing some mesh items soon!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfectly matched accessory than the recent release from Izzie's. The necklace is part of a set that also includes rings and earrings titled Turquoise Jewelry Set. The set also comes in four additional colors including onyx, pruple stone, red stone and white stone. Two versions of each are included with your purchase: a set with resizers and one without.

Clothing: [Top] *Minna Blouse in Slate and [Skirt] *Herron Skirt in Slate by The Sea Hole at Collabor88
Jewelry: *Turquoise Jewelry Set by Izzie's
Shoes: Flats by tram (Group Gift)
Hair: About 2 in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: *Sundust [Dark] Summer-Pure 2 by Curio
Pose: M Betty 1 by Olive Juice (Closing Sale)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spring Frill

Spring Frill

The new mesh dress by Siss Boom is making me long for spring! I love the frilled accent at the top of the dress; it gives it a very fun, girly feeling. If this dress were system layers and sculpts, the accent piece would definitely be difficult to work with when wearing an AO; just one of the reasons that I am completely in love with mesh.

The pose I'm using for this photo was one of the very first poses with props that I purchased in Second Life. Olive Juice has always been a fun store for me to visit because of its unique, interesting products. Unfortunately, the designer no longer has time in her real life to continue her brand in Second Life and is closing shop. Until February 19th, all poses and props have been marked down 50%.

Clothing: *Spring Frill by Siss Boom
Hair: Evelyn with Roots in Mocha by TRUTH (New)
Skin: *Sweetheart [Dark] Jealous 2 in Sundust by Curio
Pose: Morning Glory in Bloom 4 by Olive Juice
Loction: Alirium

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Monday, January 16, 2012


I honestly can't get enough of all the new mesh items content creators are coming out with. My newest love is the Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress by Boom. It looks so comfortable. I wonder if she can make me one of these in real life? (wink)


As with many other BOOM designs, the Oslo dress comes in many different colors... twenty-nine in total. A free demo is available, and I highly encourage you to use it if you have never tried mesh before. While mesh items will automatically elongate to fit your avatar, they will not widen. Five sizes of each dress are included in your purchase along with four different alpha layers.

Clothing: [Dress]*Oslo Sweater Dress in Moss by BOOM and [Tights] Lil Piggies Tights: Cable Knit in Brown Khaki by JANE
Shoes: Secret Boots in Molasses by [elikatira]
Hair: Zaria in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: *Nathalie Tan 01 by Filthy Skins
Pose: *Pencil 8 Mirror by aDORKable Poses
Location: Existence

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 3 of 52 Weeks of Color - Electric Indigo

I hoped to get so much more accomplished this week blog wise. I had at least three posts planned, but real life continues to wear me out. Uuuggghhh Two hours of travel time per day to and from work has got to end soon!

52WoCC - Electric Indigo

When I saw electric indigo was the color for this week, my first thought was 80s! I really didn't have many ideas of where to go looking for my outfit; so, I checked out some blogs to find stores I had never been to or hadn't been to in a while. This random search landed me at Emery.

The Skinny Jeans are a perfect addition to my wardrobe; at first the color was a little much for me, but I've actually developed a fondness for them. The color is really fun and girly. The Zebra Top on the other hand... not so much. Remember those quality pieces that will last that I mentioned wanting to add to my inventory last week? Well, I wouldn't exactly classify this shirt as one of those. Although it does match very well with the jeans, it's really not designed for anything other than posing. The sleeve pieces are very oddly shaped and attached to the shoulders; talk about not being AO friendly! The stripes were also extremely hard to deal with when it came to matching them up with the prim piece. If this shirt were mesh, it would be a total win! However, I wouldn't recommend it as is.

The necklace I'm wearing is a new piece from je suis titled Voyante Necklace Plain. It includes scripts for resizing, stone color texture, 'chain' texture and metal texture. A very neat aspect of this necklace, is that it also includes an option that allows you to input your own RGB for the stone color which allowed me to make the color perfectly electric indigo! You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry you can custom color!

Clothing: [Top] Dressy Zebra Top in Violet by Emery and [Pants] Jean Skinny Passe in Violet by Emery
Jewelry: *Voyante Necklace Plain by je suis
Shoes: The Solas Shoes White by Fir & Mna
Hair: Andrea with Roots in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: *Nathalie . Tan . 01 by Filthy Skins
Tattoo: Rainbow 1 ll by DAMNED at Fashionably Late
Pose: Model 157 by Glitterati

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 2 of 52 Weeks of Color - Coral

Yay! I didn't wait a week to do a new 52WoC post! Last year when I started the challenge, my goal was to use as many pieces of clothing from my inventory that I already had as possible; I kind of want to do the reverse this year though I'm not sure that is the smartest idea with an inventory that is already over 60K. I would really love to get rid of the pieces that I know I will never wear again and replace them with quality items that will be staples of my wardrobe.


In all honesty, this week's color challenge was just an excuse to go pick up one of the new mesh shirts by Maitreya. I've been eyeballing Onyx's new items since I saw them pop up on the feeds but couldn't convince myself to purchase a piece. Now that I have, I'm afraid that I may find myself there more and more often. The Silk-Neck Tie Blouse is exceptionally well made with beautiful textures; it has a very classy and quite conservative look... Very school teacherish.

The skin that I am sporting is the new group gift from Filthy Skins. Alexandra always puts out amazing gifts every month for both male and female avatars, and with a joining fee of L$199, twelve free skins and shapes per year is really a steal that more than pays for the group fee.

Clothing: [Shirt] Silk-Neck Tie Blouse in Coral by Maitreya and [Pants] *Flared Pants in Cream by The Secret Store
Hair: Jess in Cocoa Brown by Raspberry Aristocrat (50% Off)
Skin: *January Group Gift Female Tan by Filthy Skins
Pose: Stand 127 by !Bang

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 of 52 Weeks of Color - Champagne

I tend to not make resolutions for the new year anymore because I never keep them. I do have a goal for this year, however... even though I'm about a week late getting this up here! My goal for this year is to participate in every week of the second round of Luna Juiblee's 52 Weeks of Color. Hopefully real life won't kick my butt as badly as it has this week for the rest of the year!


Two of the pieces I am wearing are from the current collection at The Dressing Room. The bodysuit and pumps by R.icielli aren't technically champagne (they are beige and creme), but the color was so close to Luna's champagne swatch that I couldn't pass these items up for my photo. You get both pieces plus seven more for a mere L$70! What a great deal!

The skirt I'm wearing is another piece of evidence to support the fact that I am totally addicted to mesh. I have found myself in the past couple of weeks passing up coats, dresses, skirts, etc that aren't mesh. I don't think I have totally given up on prim pieces; I just prefer to not have to deal with them when I don't have to! The Oxford Pencil Skirt by {mon tissu} is so pretty and classy; I think I eventually want to own the entire pack.

Clothing: [Bodysuit] Pietra by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room and The Oxford Pencil Skirt in Dark Brown by {mon tissu}
Shoes: Carmeelia Pumps by R.icielle @ The Dressing Room
Hair: Adora Hair in Brown Cocoa by Raspberry Aristocrat (50% Off)
Skin: *May [Sundust] Blackbird 2 by Curio
Pose: Stand 158 by !Bang

* Denotes promotional copy.