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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Layer Me


My mind is almost completely blank this evening, and I really cannot think of much to say. Perhaps it has something to do with watching Star Trek all day with my husband. I have to admit, however, that I have liked the show a lot more than I ever thought I would.

The magic of Second Life for some people is being able to transform into anyone you can imagine, but honestly for me it is being able to express my real life self in a digital world and continuously discover new and exciting things each day. The outfit I put together today is completely something that I would wear in my real life. I love layering pieces and matching them with simple jewelry that adds a little personality to the design.

Jackets are one of my favorite items of clothing in real life, and I am constantly on the lookout for them in Second Life as well. The problem that I have found with most of the jackets in world, sadly, is poor shading and blending with the impossibility of properly lining up the prim pieces with the system layers. As she has proven time and time again, however, Izzie's is a step above most when it comes to blending the textures of prim pieces and system layers. Her new Suede Blazer is absolutely stunning; the texturing is very realistic while leaving an artistic drawn look. The blazer is available in ten fabulous colors. The clutch I am holding is also a new item from Izzie's that is also available in ten color choices.

As you probably know by now, I love poses and can never resist new sets from great designers especially when the sets are set at sale prices! Bang Poses has two new sets out today, a mini set for Super Bargain Saturday at L$60 and a full standing set for Lazy Sunday at L$75. Pick these up before the prices jump!

The 50% Off Black Friday Sale at je suis has been extended until Sunday at 12 pm SLT. I am wearing the Sophistique necklace and earrings in dark. The pearl color as well as the metal color is changeable via a HUD. Ten options for the pearl color and five options for the metal color are included.

Clothing: [Top] Intrinsic Tank in Avocado by JANE (Freebie), [Jacket] *Suede Blazer in Black by Izzie's and [Pants] Classic Jeans in Light by Zaara
Accessories: {Clutch] *Clutch in Green by Izzie's and [Jewelry] Sophistique in Dark by je suis
Hair: Isolation in Honeycomb Roots by !lamb.
Skin: *Laika II . Tan . 01 by Filthy Skins
Pose: *Stand 225 by !bang
Location: Where It Begins

* Denotes promotional copy.


  1. Have to say that the blonde really seems to suit you! The picture jumped out at me in my blog dashboard and I had to take a closer look!!! So cute yet casual!! Lovin the look!!