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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to Black

CHIC Management is returning to its roots this weekend with the Back to Black event. The organization began in 2010 with the Black and Blue Fair to raise awareness of mental health issues. The new event will also be designed to raise mental health awareness; items have been designed around words of encouragement including strength, serenity, fighter, heart, spirit, friendship, home, comfort, life, hope, courage, determination, survival, family and endurance. The doors open this Saturday, February 11th; so, be on the lookout for the landmark!

Back to Black

The cute outfit I am wearing is one of the designs that will be available at Back to Black by Izzie's. The Serenity Leisure Outfit has a very comfortable feel to it; I would actually love to have an outfit like it in real life. The prim pieces blend perfectly with the system layers just as you will find in other Izzie's creations. There is also a bottom prim to the shirt that features a peace sign. Unfortunately, it didn't fit well with my pose, but it does, on the other hand, work very well with an AO! So, no worries there! I am wearing the brown and beige combination; the outfit will also be available in grey/white and black/grey.

Speaking of the pose, it is also an item that will be featured at Back to Black by EMBODY. The At Peace Pose is a couple/individual poseball. If you are posing only one person as I did, turning off the other ball is very simple; simply type /1 hide in local chat and the ball disappears! You have both copy and modify privileges with the poseball which makes individualizing it very easy. Although I do believe this is a type of yoga pose, I also see a praise pose when I look at it. My husband and I may be going through some financial hardships in the very near future, and whenever I look at my picture I just keep thinking about lifting my hands in praise to God who I know will take care of our every need. Whatever the pose may mean to you, it is very well crafted and will be an excellent addition to any pose collector's inventory.

I don't typically blog furniture, but I have been wanting to get into setting up my own photo scenes instead of relying on those already made. I spotted the Esme Living Room by FD Decor, also available at Back to Black, and thought that it would match perfectly with the color scheme of the photo. The furniture features multiple poses, texture change chairs and vases, lighting with on/off options and a cute fountain that includes sounds. There will also be a black version of the suite available at the event.

CHIC Management Back to Black

Clothing: *Serenity Leisure Outfit in Brown/Beige by Izzie's @ Back to Black
Shoes: Sparkle Flats in Orange Crush Light (Edited) by A.D.D. Andel!
Jewelry: Radiance Diamond Dangle Earrings by EarthStones
Hair: Here in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: Paige Milk - Culture by Illusory @ Collabor88 (No longer available)
Makeup: Kyra Lipsticks in Pink by Apple May Designs
Pose: *At Peace Pose by EMBODY @ Back to Black
Furniture: *Esme Living Room by FD Decor @ Back to Black

The Back to Black landmark will not be added until the event officially opens on February 11th.

* Denotes promotional copy.


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