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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Never My Love

Never My Love

I had such difficulty with this photo that I almost scrapped it.  If you look in the background, you will notice that the windows on the house are not quite right.  They have a weird twisted shape and no matter what setting I tried to tweak, I could not get them to look normal without getting closer to the house.  Instead of deleting the photo and looking for a different location, I decided to use it anyway and see if any of the many talented photographers could help me with my little problem.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

There are so many new (and beautiful) items in the outfit I'm sharing.  JANE recently released two new mesh dresses, and honestly, who doesn't get excited about this?  One of the dresses is a strapless design (photoed above) and the other features a 50s style strap.  Twelve total patterns are available between the two dresses.  Five standard sizes, an alpha layer and a shadow layer are included with your purchase, and you are able to demo all mesh items at JANE absolutely free.  I first discovered JANE during a sale almost two years ago; of course, mesh was not in the picture then, but I fell in love with her designs and the love just keeps growing.  While you are at JANE, check out the clearance sale in the back room.  All nonstandard sized mesh has been reduced by 50% and will be retired when the sale ends.

Wasabi Pills has two new hair styles out for Fairy Tales in 2012 and both are absolutely stunning.  Mesh hair has been very touch and go with me.  I've always loved TRUTH hair, but for some reason his mesh designs have a crinkled texture on me.  I've never had that problem with Wasabi Pills, and as a photographer I love the fact that the 'alpha' portions do not disappear when I turn on shadows.  It can really be a pain to take multiple pictures to be able to put those pieces back in.  If Fairy Tales in 2012 is still a little too crowded for things to rez properly for you, demos of the two hair styles can be found at Wasabi Pills' main store.

I'm not sure if I have ever tried a Belleza skin before, but either way I am in love now!  Evil Queen is one of two new skins also featured at Fairy Tales in 2012.  I know everyone always talks about the body of a skin, and while the body is very important, the face is honestly my favorite feature and Belleza's couldn't get much prettier.  The lips on Evil Queen are to die for (no pun intended) and the brows are so pronounced and striking.  For you body lovers, highlighting and shading can be found throughout the skin which gives it more realistic look.

Last, but certainly not least, are the adorable new mesh shoes I am wearing from Izzie's.  I don't think my inventory will ever have enough flats!  I probably love these so much in world because I love them so much in my real life.  My job requires me to be on my feet the majority of the day, and I don't think my body could handle heels all day.  The shoes feature a cute flower on top.  Thirteen two-toned options are available as well as two solid options.  A free demo is available for your convenience.

Clothing: *Blake Dress in Cherry by JANE
Shoes: *Flower Flats in White by Izzie's
Jewelry: *Leah by je suis
Hair: *Princess in Chocolate by Wasabi Pills @ Fairy Tales in 2012
Skin: *Evil Queen by Belleza @ Fairy Tales in 2012
Pose: Model 251 by Glitterati
Location: T Town

* Denotes promotional copy.


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