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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pieces of My Closet IV

Pieces IV

While sorting through my inventory last night, I came across a few older dresses that will more than likely never be worn again, but I couldn't bring myself to delete them... especially the dresses that were from stores that no longer exist!  My lovely Plurk friends suggested that I should box them which of course makes perfect sense.  I always hated the idea of packing and unpacking inventory, but if it is something that I won't use a lot, it is definitely more logical to pack it.  I remembered an inventory 'closet' by Tiny Spaces that I have which is extremely easy to use; unfortunately, the owner no longer has an in-world store, and I cannot find the item on her marketplace.  There are, however, a lot of inventory organizers on the marketplace for you to choose from to help you clean up your item count.

I have technically already blogged the dress I am wearing from Scribble, but it was ages ago before I even knew how to take a high-rez photo.  That's a scary thought.  The design was an exclusive from the designer for an event called it was a blur.  At the time, it was definitely the most unique environment I had ever emerged my ava in.  Since Scribble has disappeared from the grid, the thought of deleting this really bothered me especially since I like it.  However, it is now tucked safely in a box where I can pull it out when and if the occasion calls.

Clothing: Her Ghost by Scribble (No Longer Available)
Hair: Sybille 2 in Chocolate by Wasabi Pills
Skin: Love (Milk) Daydream by Illusory (No Longer Available)
Pose: Dressed 10 by Glitterati (No Longer Available)
Location: T Town


  1. yes, yes yes yes yes! TYES YE SP'sfhd;libgh YES YOU SEXY GIRL! <3

  2. So, I had the bright idea of boxing my items around 2009...all of my gorgeous paper couture outfits I purchased 2006-2007..gone :( My boxes were lost in inventory on one of my journeys through land in Second careful!