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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pieces of My Closet V

Pieces of My Closet V

I first started the Pieces of My Closet series over a year ago to encourage myself to clean out my inventory on a regular basis.  As you can see, I've only made it to the fifth post in the series, and my inventory has grown much larger and much more unorganized.  Since I've been able to post consistently each Sunday for the past month without feeling overwhelmed, I've decided to start posting a new Pieces of My Closet installment every Wednesday to encourage myself, once again, to get my unruly inventory of 80K under control.  Every item I am wearing in these posts will be solely from my existing inventory... No new purchases!  Unfortunately, that does mean that some items may no longer be available.  If I am able to locate the products in the store, I will indicate that bit of information in the credits which are located at the bottom of each post.

The dress I'm wearing is by the very talented Lestat Reuven.  I came across this designer's store very early in Second Life and have always loved her pieces.  There is a very modern yet elegant feel to her designs.  If you appreciate designers who are willing and able to change, you will definitely love visiting her store.  Since I have known her, she has changed her store name from The French Farm to Wondrous Strange to Siss Boom... and not to mention how often she loves to change her building!  Her designs have also changed from formal ballgowns (which I totally used to rock on a daily basis) to a more classy casual feel (which I obviously love).  Lestat just recently returned to designing in Second Life and hasn't completely finished setting Siss Boom back up.  She does create mesh items that have very wonderful, soft textures.  If you are interested in wanting a heads up on new items, drop into her store and join the in world group.

I seriously doubt that I need to introduce Glam Affair to anyone who knows anything about fashion in Second Life.  The specific skin I'm wearing is a former Dressing Room item; to my knowledge, TDR skins from Glam Affair are event exclusives and are not available for purchase after their two week feature period at the venue.  There are, however, other tones and makeups for the Roza skin available at Glam Affair.  I really love this skin because it has such a mature and elegant look.  If you would like to try Roza, a free demo is available for purchase.

I fondly remember purchasing the Dream Booties by when I was very, very young in Second Life.  These shoes were the first good quality shoes I had ever purchased in world, and was having their annual sale... So, I got a good product at a great price.  I was so excited that I ended up buying every single color.  If you they are as gorgeous as I did... and still do... the shoes can still be purchased at for 100L each or 1,400L for the fatpack.

Clothing: *Devil May Care by Siss Boom (Currently unavailable)
Jewelry: Butterfly Collector Necklace by Yummy (Avaialble)
Shoes: Dream Booties in Copper by (Available)
Hair: Girlfriend in a Coma in Kit-Kat by !lamb. (Avaialble)
Skin: Roza in Natural Summer 01 D by Glam Affair (Currently unavailable)
Pose: *Poofy 9 by aDORKable Poses (Available)
Location: The Looking Glass

* Denotes promotional copy.


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