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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Petticoat Lane

I always find the diversity of talent among Second Life designers to be extremely impressive. It is interesting to watch when a creator branches out from what we are used to seeing from him/her. Katey Coppola is best known for the amazing poses she makes under her SL brand name Glitterati. As you have probably noticed, I use a lot of Glitterati poses; they are extremely well made and rarely do my hands disappear into my body (Katey must have a big booty, too!). Recently, Katey opened a new store titled Petticoat Lane where she is exploring her creativity as a clothing designer. I love how feminine all of the clothing designs are thus far; the colors are soft and inviting. I cannot wait to see this brand grow!


My favorite of the new Petticoat Lane releases is the Regal Skirt; it's high waistline and gently slopped skirt is very elegant and lady like. The shading on the sculpted part of the skirt is absolutely beautiful; it adds depth and movement. I was afraid that the sculpt was going to be hard to fit because it is simple (but pretty!) with no belt or any other type of 'barrier' at the top. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how easy I was able to fit it to my shape. Resize scripts are not included in the skirt, but it is modify and therefore very easy to add your own if you are like me and cannot stretch properly to save your life. Seven colors are available at 150L each or 500L for the Full Collection.

PhotoShop makes me very nervous; I know very little about it and don't have much confidence in my ability to use it. I have been getting a lot better at liquify, but I still have a long way to go before I become a true 'professional' at it. I tried something new for me in the picture above, and I would appreciate ideas/suggestions/tips. I loved the red sky in one of my windlight settings, but my ava looked completely washed out with it; so, I took another photo in a neutral windlight and blended the two. Does it look completely unnatural? I got the final picture by placing one picture on top of the other and erasing the window scene to get the red sky on the picture underneath and then merging the pictures. Is there an easier way to do this? Perhaps I will get even braver with my next PhotoShop experiment and try dodge and burn!


Since it is difficult to mention Katey Coppola without thinking of Glitterati, I thought it would be appropriate to also showcase her latest pose prop release. Disco is so much fun; three pieces are included with your purchase: the large set for posing, a hanging disco ball for decorations and a pose box (not pictured). All the items are copy which will let you decorate to your heart's content. All of the disco balls contain seven color choices and the pose disco ball contains ten poses. Most Glitterati pose props sell for at least 500L, but you can pick this one up as a Marketplace promo for only 100L! It is a definite steal.

Clothing: [Top] *Popsicle Dress - Sleeveless Top by The Secret Store and [Skirt] *Regal Skirt in [1] #1 and [2] #5 by Petticoat Lane
Jewelry: Anya Earrings - Silver by SIGMA @ My Second Wardrobe
Shoes: Move Pumps - Onyx by [elikatira]
Hair: Black Tie Affair - Toffee by Shag
Skin: [1] *Alexandra . Fair . 08 and [2] *Alexandra . Fair . 03 by Filthy Skins
Poses: [1] Model 023 and [2] *Disco by Glitterati @ The Marketplace
Location: Siss Boom

*Denotes promotional copy.


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