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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


When I saw the first video on YouTube of mesh clothing a few months ago, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. The clothing in the video wasn't very well made; the design and the textures were boring to say the least. I shouldn't have put limitations in my mind on the creativeness of Second Life designers! After trying a mesh outfit, I'm not sure that I ever want to wear clothing with 'old prim' pieces again.


I denied a Christmas gift from JANE on accident and headed over to her shop to see if I could pick it up in the subscriber's history. I hadn't been to the shop since before I left Second Life to get married in real life, and I was quite surprised by all the mesh items she has created. I have always loved the designs of this store; they seem to just fit my personality. They are stylish with a mix of classy and casual. I actually forgot completely about the Christmas gift until just now; after peeking in the box, if you haven't picked up one, definitely stop by the store! There are three mesh goodies in what appears to be all colors included in the box!


The textures on JANE's mesh clothing (all of her clothing actually) is very well made; the shading and highlighting add an extra sense of depth to the clothing. I absolutely LOVE the way the mesh clothing moves so smoothly with me. I have noticed a bit of flickering with the alpha layers, but I think that may be a problem with my viewer instead of with the alpha itself. To stop the flickering, simply bump up your graphics a notch (or two). JANE's mesh clothing comes in four sizes; mesh clothing does not stretch to fit around your body, so you may need to edit your shape a little to fit properly in them. Also, the items are very reasonably priced; most mesh clothing I have seen on the grid is hundreds of lindens. Both the coat and pants I'm wearing cost 150L each; JANE also has mesh items priced lower.


What's the thing that I love the most about mesh? I don't have to move around prim pieces when I finally am ready to pose for my photos! It was so nice to not have to take all of that time to make sure every piece is where it should be. Speaking of posing, I was so excited to see Glitterati participating in The Fashion Garret! The first pose set includes five poses for a mere 70L. I'll take discounted poses from one of my favorite pose designers any day of the week! Also, for a limited time you can pick up a free 250L store credit at Glitterati; if you are in the VIP group, there is a free 500L store credit for you!

Clothing: [Coat] Barn Jacket Harvest in Delicious by JANE, [Top] Intrinsic Tank in Truffle by JANE (FREE) and [Pants] Wide Leg Pants Zooey in Truffle by JANE
Shoes: Move Pumps in Java by [elikatira]
Jewelry: Zahavi Necklace by League
Hair: Details in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: Elf 2 - Enchant 1 [Dark] by Curio
Pose: TFG 004 by Glitterati at The Fashion Garret
Location: JANE @ Zyrra


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