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Monday, May 28, 2012

52WoCC - Thistle

52WoCC - Thistle

Just what I wanted not to happen during this round of 52 Weeks of Color... getting behind.  And, five weeks behind at that!  Summer is almost here though, and I'm confidant that I will be able to catch up soon.  I really love the color for week eighteen; it is such a light and delicate shade of purple.  It's very classy!

I picked up the Impromptu Cardigan from Fishy Strawberry a few weeks ago when it was featured at The Dressing Room.  It is a mesh piece with brown and black options for the belt.  The color is still available at the main store location along with seven other colors.  Five sizes and an alpha layer are included with the purchase, and a free demo is available.

I was wondering what I was going to pair with the cardigan while surfing the fashion feeds and saw these adorable Balloon Shorts from Perle.  I had never been to the store... had never even heard of it, but I teleported in to grab a demo and see if the mesh shorts would work with the cardigan.  I really don't like paying for demos (1L), but I suppose it was better to see if it would work before paying full price for an item that wouldn't.  The shorts are modifiable which is definitely a good thing since the belt that comes attached to the shorts (not photoed) doesn't quite fit the shorts the larger in size you go.  If I set aside the fact that the demo was not free and that the belt doesn't quite fit, I really do love the shorts.  The design is pretty and the texturing is nice.  Eight colors are available and each pair comes with five sizes and an alpha layer.

The skin I am wearing is Izzie's contribution to the Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase.  I am always extremely impressed by her skins; her skill seems to increase with each new release.  The skin is available in six tones, and each tone includes a modifiable shape, freckles, four eyebrow colors, cleavage/no cleavage options, a nail base, seven lipsticks, five lipglosses, twelve eyeshadows and a brow shape.  For just a little over 1,000L per tone, this is an extremely great value!  A free demo is available for you to try.  Just a little side note... you may want to strip down to just system layer clothing before teleporting into the event since the number of scripts you can be wearing is limited.  Be sure to detach your AOs!

Clothing: [Undershirt] Femme Lace Cami in Eggplant by JANE, [Sweater] Impromptu Cardigan in Wine by Fishy Strawberry and [Shorts] Balloon Shorts in Brown by Perle
Hair: Jessie with Roots in Mocha by TRUTH (Group Gift)
Skin: *Delusional in Pale by Izzie's @ Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase
Makeup: [Eyeshadow] *Delusional Eyeshadow Purple by Izzie's @ Skin Addiction's Skin Showcase and [Eyeliner] Black Eyeliner Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala
Pose: *Legs 5 by aDORKable Poses

* Denotes promotional copy.


  1. Beautiful Lashae! You'll catch up soon enough!