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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Lesson in Patience

A Lesson in Patience

Today has definitely been a lesson in patience.  I typically take my pictures in Second Life on my desktop and edit them on my laptop; I do it this way since my desktop, which is a gaming computer, is a lot faster and can take better pictures while my laptop is the only computer I have that has PhotoShop.  I have known that my laptop was having issues for a while, but today it finally just gave out.  Well, not completely out, but I tried to turn it on for three hours very unsuccessfully.  After a bit of research, I think the CMOS battery has went out on my laptop; it is a pretty common problem with the version I have and is a really cheap fix.  The problem... you basically have to dismantle the entire computer just to replace the battery.  I cannot see myself doing that.

I was left trying to figure out how to use GIMP to edit my photos.  There are some aspects of it that I do like better than PhotoShop; for example, I think the healing tool has clearer results and is easier to use in GIMP.  The IWarp tool is not quite as smooth at the liquify feature in PhotoShop, however.  I'm sure that with practice I will be able to use this program as well as I am able to use PhotoShop (which isn't really saying much).  The extra time to look up tutorials really pushed my nerves.  You would have to have the patience of Job to not be irritated by having to take it all in at once.

Now... on to what I'm wearing!  The top I have on is a new item from Auxiliary available at The Dressing Room Fusion.  The design is extremely adorable, and the three colors it comes is are very pretty.  A free demo is available for you to try; it really annoys me when designers don't have demos out for mesh items.  Each piece fits differently... some not well at all depending on your shape; I really hate wasting money and really appreciate the designers who offer free demos (1L demos are a whole different rant lol).  The straps don't really fit my avatar well (they stand up a bit higher than my shoulders), but I knew that I wanted to wear a long hairstyle; so, that really wasn't much of an issue.  Overall, it's a very fabulous piece for only 70L!

The leggings I "matched" up with the top are actually a modifiable pair of textured white leggings a designer friend of mine passed me long ago.  They are a staple of my inventory when I cannot find pants that match well enough with a top.  Perhaps Auxiliary will release some colored pants in the future to match for the people who don't like tinting!

A Lesson in Patience

The newest release from LaRoo Shoes are absolutely amazing!  The Sparta Pumps are the first release by the design team to include a foot base.  I know that some people are a little intimidated when it comes to tinting.  I typically don't aim for a "perfect" match because if I did I would be here for days. Close is normally good enough for me since colors can change with windlights and shadows; I think I did pretty well with my first try.  Tinting the skin with the included HUD is a little different than with others; you first choose the skin closest to your skin color and then adjust the RGB values instead of simply inputting the value of your skin.  I really love the window that pops up for you to enter the codes instead of having thirty seconds to type them into local chat.  LaRoo does offer detailed information on how to operate the color change HUD and the RGB values of well know skin designers on their website.  The values for the skin I'm wearing were not listed, but I'm sure the list will grow with time!  The shoes are available in twelve colors, and a free demo is available for your convenience.

Speaking of skins, I'm sporting the newest skin release from Izzie's titled Ginerva.  The skin is available in eight tones and includes a modifiable shape, freckles option, moles option, four brow colors (with the exception of the mocha tone which only contains one), cleavage options, a nail base, twelve lipsticks, eleven eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush and a brow shape.  As with all Izzie's skins, a free demo is available.

Clothing: [Top] Mullet Top in Cocoa and Turquoise by Auxiliary at The Dressing Room Fusion and [Leggings] White Cotton Leggings by Siss Boom (Not available)
Shoes: Sparta Pumps in Tan by LaRoo Shoes
Jewelry: Uva Necklace by miel Group Gift
Hair: Rebel in Mocha w/Roots by TRUTH
Skin: Ginvera Skin Pale DB by Izzie's
Makeup: Black Eyeliner in Gentle Fume by Acid & Mala
Eyes: Eternal Eyes in Glass by IKON
Lashes: 2011 Lashes Curl by LeLutka
Hands: Mesh Hands Elegant 1 by Slink
Poses: [1] Elegant 3 and [2] Elegant 1 by aDORKable Poses
Location: Innsmouth


  1. LASHAE.... WOW!!!! Such a gorgeous photo, it is fantastic! Love it honey!!

  2. Thank you, Rudh!! I miss talking to you so much. ♥ We need to catch up soon!