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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Designer Showcase

If you haven’t checked out the Designer Showcase lately, you may want to head on over. Since my last post, the event has fallen under new management and lots of new designers have joined up. As they say… Variety is the spice of life!

One of my favorite designs currently being offered at the showcase is Swan Lake by Riddle. I’m not typically a huge fan of sweaters in Second Life since they tend to have large prim pieces that many designers do not know how to blend correctly. Not that I could do it any better, but I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to adjusting prim pieces and small details drive me crazy! You will not find non-blending with these shirts, however! Prim attachments are included for the arms and of course for the bottom of the shirt. Not only does this shirt blend beautifully, but it has an amazingly gorgeous design on the front as well. Six colors of the shirt are included with your purchase for only L$99!


I paired Swan Lake with an amazing pair of sculpted heels by Jaqueline’s titled Calla. These black shoes contain bling on/off scripts, options for jewelry on/off, a hud to control texture, skin color and toe color, and an AO. The shoes also contain heel sounds. I haven’t had a pair of shoes with heel sounds since I first started playing Second Life; I had forgotten how much I like it! I love the sound of heels in real life, but unfortunately I cannot wear them due to tendonitis in my feet. It’s nice to still be able to experience the sound in my second life! You can pick these shoes up for only L$99!


As you have probably noticed if you have read my blog for any length of time or kept up with the blog feeds at all, Lemania Indigo Designs ALWAYS offers some pretty amazing deals. Lemania’s contribution to the showcase is no exception. Debutante is a lovely short blue dress with delicate floral designs. In true Lemania fashion, shoes are also included with your purchase. I love how the skirts on Lemania dresses flow.  If you love to go dancing, you should try one of her designs!  The effect is absolutely beautiful.  This dress is perfect for Spring and is available for only L$99!


I know I have said it before, but I really love that I have opened up to wearing different skins by various designers. A few months ago, you couldn’t have paid me to wear a different brand of skins. I truly love the Abigail 01A skin offered by Style by Kira at the showcase. The highlights and shadows blend beautifully with the skin, and the makeup is very soft. I so love the lips on this skin! The shimmer is absolutely beautiful; I wish I had some gloss like this in real life!! You definitely cannot beat a skin this pretty for only L$100!


I have wanted a set of pearls that had a mouth attachment for several months, but every time I saw one in a store, something just wasn’t right about them. Thankfully, my search is over! Bonita’s Jewelry has contributed a black pearl necklace titled Messy & Broken to the discounted collection at the showcase. I really love that this set of jewelry comes in two pieces just in case I don’t want to walk around Second Life with pearls stuck in my mouth. These pearls are very pretty and add just the right amount of class to any formal or casual outfit. To get the shine on the pearls as pictured, make sure your graphics are bumped up a bit. These can be yours for only L$75!


Photos 1 and 2:
Clothing: [Shirt] *Swan Lake in Grey by Riddle @ Designer Showcase and [Pants] Mona Pants in Ice by Phoenix Rising @ L$25
Shoes: *Calla by Jaqueline's @ Designer Showcase
Hair: Mood in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: *Abigail Skin 01A by Style by Kira @ Designer Showcase
Pose: [1] Saw Her Standing There by Estetica and [2] Tea Party Whore by Olive Juice
Background by JoesSistah

Photos 3 and 4:
Clothing: *Debutante by Lemania Indigo Designs @ Designer Showcase
Jewelry: *Messy & Broken in Black Pearl by Bonita’s Jewelry @ Designer Showcase
Shoes: *Included with Clothing
Hair: Midori in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: *Abigail Skin 01A by Style by Kira @ Designer Showcase
Poses: *Poofy by aDORKable Poses
Background by JoesSistah

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. I think I'm living on another planet because I've not heard of Designer Showcase! *LOL* And I love that silvery-white dress--you look so pretty in it!

  2. Lol... There are so many new discount shops that not hearing about one is not really that surprising. I'm loving all the savings though!!

  3. Thank you for telling us about them!

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