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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Always Wanted to Be a Princess...

Being a Disney princess for Halloween is most definitely a timeless classic. Every little girl grows up wishing she was a princess; some of the lucky ones actually get to live out that dream. My real life boyfriend, who also happens to be my Second Life husband, has shown me that you don't have to have royal blood flowing in your veins to be a princess; all you need is someone who loves you enough to treat you like one every day of your life. I truly could not ask for anyone better.

So, where do you find your Disney princess costumes in Second Life? I have had the Cinderella costume from A Touch of Ireland stuck in my closet for almost a year now; actually, I think that it may have been the first costume that I purchased from the designer which led me to falling in complete love with her work! As you can see, the detail is absolutely amazing! A pumpkin coach is actually included with the purchase! You also receive a pumpkin 'pet' that follows you around and talks to people, shoes and jewelry. A costume fit for a princess!


Clothing: Cinderella by A Touch of Ireland
Jewelry: Included with Clothing
Hair: Allison in Anxious Blond by
Skin: Pearl 2 (Peach) by LAQ
Makeup: Cosette Berry Cool Tatto by Siss Boom
Pose: Poofy 4 Mirror by aDORKable Poses

Another wonderful place to pick up your Disney princess costumes is Fierce Designs! I remember when Disney first released Aladdin; I would sit in front of my television and watch the movie over and over! The designs of the buildings always fascinated me. I also always thought that it would be neat to have a pet tiger... a tame pet tiger that is! The Jasmine princess costume includes jewelry, hair and skin!


Clothing: Princess Jasmine by Fierce Designs
Shoes: Silk Ribbon Flats in Black by Baby Monkey
Jewelry: Included with Clothing
Hair: Tatum in Cynical Black by
Skin: Pearl 2 (Peach) by LAQ
Makeup: Cosette Berry Cool Tattoo by Siss Boom
Pose: Pencil 1 Mirror by aDORKable Poses


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