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Monday, March 7, 2011

The March Hare Hunt

On Saturday I had taken this picture and was getting ready to post when I started feeling rather ill. I decided to lay down for a bit and didn’t really get up until today, Monday! I guess I really needed some rest. Thankfully, I now feel much better.


There are very few designers that I still visit from my ‘infant’ days in Second Life. Let’s be honest, probably very few of us knew what quality Second Life fashion was unless you had a friend who already played and was willing to show you around. Let’s just say that most of my early Second Life clothing wasn’t too flattering although I thought I was hot stuff at the time. Haha Maybe I should blog a few of the pictures I took way back when… even before I knew about the Redgrave windlight settings. **Eeep!**

One designer has remained a constant in my inventory, however. That designer being Lemania Indigo. Being very broke in my younger days, I spent a lot of time doing hunts, and that, of course, is how I stumbled upon Mrs. Indigo. I am still impressed and inspired by how very kind and good hearted Lemania is. There are very few designers who give as generously as she. Not only does she participate in practically every hunt coming and going, but she also hosts a monthly L$1 hunt on her own SIM. I always look forward to these, and I’m always shocked at the quality of products she sets out for only L$1. Even as broke as I was in my early days, I was still able to come up with the Lindens to for her monthly hunts! Also, how many designers do you know who set out EVERY new release at a fourth (or sometimes more!) regular price? Lemania and Lestat Reuven (Siss Boom) are the only two designers I can personally think of.

The March Hare Hunt began last Saturday and runs through March 21st. A total of seventeen teacups have been placed out all at L$1 each. Don’t forget to pick up Lemania’s other hunt items while you are there, and check out the great daily specials she offers! Also, other stores on the SIM are participating in the L$1 sale; it’s definitely worth a look around!

Clothing: *Kararli by Lemania Indigo Designs @ The March Hair Hunt L$1
Jewelry: Vintage 50’s Pearl Necklace in Black by Dark Mouse @ FabFree
Shoes: *Included with Clothing
Hair: Lovely Lena in Brown 3 by Head Mistress
Skin: *Sweetheart [Dark] Beguiling 2 (Sundust) by Curio
Pose: Long Hair 6 by Glitterati
Background by DCSMC

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


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