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Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 18 of 52 Weeks of Color - Ecru

It’s hard to believe that I have stayed with the 52 Weeks of Color challenge for eighteen weeks. Before I know it, a half a year will have already passed! I hope that Miss Luna is thinking of another year long challenge; I’m not sure if I like the thought of a ‘no challenge’ week.


My outfit for the ‘Ecru’ week really came from a mishmash of stores. The beautiful top I am wearing is the contribution of Kyoot to 50 Linden Friday. I really love the pattern and the color of the shirt. It makes me think American Southwest, which I suppose is why it is colored "Santa Fe". I’ve always wanted to visit; perhaps someday I will have the chance. The shirt comes in several options including wearing the shirt and undershirt together or separately. I personally love the layered look.

My very hot pants are from Phoenix Rising. I purchased the Mona Pants in Ice when the store was having their closing sale last summer. They are honestly my favorite pair of virtual jeans that I own, and that is saying something since I have quite a few pair. The texture is so soft and has a very worn and comfortable look. I was upset that I only bought one color and wished for quite a while that I could purchase other colors. Needless to say, when I found out that Phoenix Rising does indeed still have a store open, I rushed over and bought the Mona Pants in all colors! I’m wearing the tan color for my photo, and I love them just as much as the ice. For L$25, you really cannot beat these!


The skin I am wearing is the only thing officially colored ecru. I blogged the entire line of the Swedish Essentials Skin when Siss Boom first released it a couple months ago. I love the skin today as much as I loved it then. Highlighting and shading always make or break a skin for me. I absolutely hate it when a skin’s shading ends up looking like dirty knees and elbows. Of course you will not find that in the skins from Siss Boom. Lestat Reuven has taken a lot of time to make sure simple details are not overlooked. The highlighting and shading is done very well, and I love that random moles and freckles can be found throughout the body.

I'm only wearing two pieces of the very beautiful set of jewelry that League put out for 50 Linden Friday.  Here lately, I haven't been loving a whole lot of the items that have been placed out for the sale, but this set was a definite win!  I would have worn the included necklace as well, but it was a bit too bulky for what I was going for.  It is still definitely very pretty and worth way more than the L$50 I spent on it.

Clothing: [Shirt] Book Worm in Santa Fe by Kyoot and [Pants] Mona Pants in Tan by Phoenix Rising
Jewelry: Wanderer by League
Shoes: Providence Riding Boots in Dark Brown by Mon Tissu
Hair: End of Summer in Brown 3 by Head Mistress
Skin: *Swedish Essential Makeup 2 (Ecru) by Siss Boom
Poses: [1] Long Hair 10 and [2] Long Hair 2-2 by Glitterati
Background by FairieGoodMother

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. That's a lovely outfit! Great shots too!

  2. This is a wonderful look! And I always like visiting your blog. The music is so soothing. :)

  3. <3

    That background is so win for your outfit. Love it all.

  4. Very nice outfit! Even better that you got most of the pieces from sales. :-D

  5. I like the wild west touch of that outfit ;-)

  6. Great look. I'm starting to become confused between the intricacies of the neutrals, but you've nailed it.

  7. Lashae, this is beautiful. You layered the pieces perfectly. LOVE THIS!!!!

  8. The skin is beautiful! Love the outfit.

  9. Love that top, I had to get it as well :)