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Monday, May 2, 2011

I Always Come Back ♥

Heaven help me! I have sat down to write this post a good billion times in the past three weeks, and without fail something comes up or goes wrong and it never gets completed. My latest problem is that my Second Life viewer refuses to open. :| After the latest update, I get to the “Initializing VFS” box and then the viewer completely crashes. I have tried manually deleting my cache, completely deleting everything related to Second Life from my computer and reinstalling, and even contacting tech support. I cannot believe they actually had the audacity to tell me that since I’m not a premium member, they could not help me. Excuse me, but I spend a crap load of money on this ‘game’ even though I wasn’t a premium member. I did upgrade my membership in the hope that they would help me, but I’m not holding my breath. If anyone has any words of wisdom for my problem, I would gladly accept them. =)


On to fashion! I really love this outfit from SE*Designz even though by now I’m sure that they have something much newer out. I love the simple feeling it gives me; the feeling of freedom… to be able to run barefoot across soft spring grass! Before I took my very short hiatus, I saw a lot of the folded shirts on the fashion feeds. I absolutely love the look; it’s so roomy and pretty at the same time! The textures included in the skirt are very soft as well; this is definitely a perfect match! Both the Nested Neckholder Top and the Denim Skirt can be found at SE*Designz for L$125 each.

Although the top is very beautiful in itself, I personally found it to be a bit too low cut for my tastes. So, what was my solution? Exactly the same thing that I would do in real life! I took advantage of the layering abilities of V2 and put on the Intrinsic Tank in cream by JANE which are absolutely FREE!  You really cannot pass these up!

I am really glad that I was able to cover Fashion for Life last March; while serving an amazing cause, it also exposed me to many new to me designers. One of those designers is the very talented Zaara who specializes in Indian clothing and accessories. I absolutely fell in love with her jewelry pieces; they are all very bold and full of color. I picked up the Indra painted stacked bangles while I was at the fair and then paid a visit to the store where I picked up the Karmuka necklace (colored) to add a little flavor to my simple outfit. This is most definitely a designer I will be keeping my eye on!

Clothing: [Shirt] *Nested Neckholder Top in Broze by SE*Designz, [Undershirt] *Intrinsic Tank in Cream by JANE and [Skirt] *Denim Skirt by SE*Designz
Jewelry: [Bangles] Indra and [Necklace] Karmuka (Colored) by Zaara
Hair: Breath in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: *Jealous 1 [Dark] Sweetheart (Sundust) by Curio
Pose: Model 50 by Glitterati

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. I had this same problem, just one day the official viewer stopped working, I went to a 3rd party and haven't had an issue since. Might want to try one of them.

  2. Beautiful pic and welcome back! Sorry to hear about the problem though, another viewer might help--I'm using third party viewer:-))

  3. Welcome back Lashae. Sorry you're having SL issues. I'm on Phoenix, you might want to try that. Nice pic btw.

  4. I hope your tech problems are over soon. The new SL viewer for me has killed shadows and my windlight settings and keeps crashing. Fun.

  5. Welcome Back Lashae!! I hope you get your viewer solved quickly.

  6. Thanks so much, ladies!! I'm still having viewer problems, but I have found a third party viewer which works ok for me. I just hope my other gets fixed soon because it's so much faster. Lol