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Monday, May 30, 2011

Maia in Lace

I was so super excited when I saw the new shoes from Purrfect 10. They are most definitely a mesh of sexy and elegant. I don’t typically look through all the notecards I get about new releases every day simply because of the sheer quantity of them, but I’m really glad that I looked at the notice from Siss Boom. Stormy Weather was the perfect outfit for these shoes!


Stormy Weather is indeed a simple outfit, but what it lacks in ‘parts’ it more than makes up for in texture and design! The ripped top is completely sexy, and if you are a more conservative lady, you can very easily add an undershirt to hide the necessities! I am more conservative myself which is why I chose sideways poses; I’m wearing this right now in Second Life with an adorable red undershirt (it matches my lips hehe), and it still looks very sexy! You get three different versions of the top all of which are black with different colored ‘sparkles.’ Of course, you can never go wrong with an extra pair of beautifully textured leggings. At L$100, this outfit is a steal. Grab it before the price jumps up!


The Maia Lace Heels are probably my favorite Purrfect 10 shoe to date. There is so much detail included in the lace; they are absolutely beautiful. As with any other shoe from Purrfect 10, Maia includes options for skin color, color sync (which is really nice if you have multiple pairs of their shoes!), walk, size and sound. A feature of the full priced shoes that I absolutely LOVE is the ability to turn them black. But, not only can you turn the complete shoe black, but you can pick and choose which parts to turn! There are so many options in that one purchase! The ‘normal’ color is always listed as the primary, and black is always the secondary. So, what if you purchase the black shoe? The black shoe’s secondary color is always white or silver. Ten scrumptious colors are available for the Maia Lace Heels at L$690 each or L$5,500 for the 10 Pack.


Purrfect 10 has also released new gifts for both the VIP Group and the regular update group. To become a VIP group member requires a onetime fee of L$510, but for at least ten free pairs of shoes every year, it is so worth it! The Amara Heels in Snakeskin is the gift available to the VIP group and the Serenity Heels in Ocean (LOVE the colors!) is available to both groups. Hurry and grab them!



Just a side note… I have joined, and if anyone else has an account there, please feel free to friend request me! If you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s like Facebook for Second Life. Lol Just what I need… Another social media site to keep up with!

Clothing: Stormy Weather by Siss Boom
Shoes: [1, 2 & 3] *Maia Lace Heels in Black, [4] *Amara Heels in Snakeskin (VIP Group Gift) and [5] *Serenity Heels in Ocean (Group Gift) by Purrfect 10
Hair: Bethany in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: *May [Dark] Blackbird 2 (Sundust) by Curio
Tattoo Layers: May Bonus Makeup 1, 2 & 3 by Curio (Group Gift)
Environment: Lockdown by Glitterati
Poses: [1] *Pin-Up 09 by Izzie’s, [2] *Pin-Up 02 by Izzie’s and [3, 4 & 5] Lockdown by Gliteratti

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. I love the Maia shoes. I have seen them in quite a few blogs but keep forgetting to check out this store. Great looks.