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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I have completely been loving the new Brianna skin by Izzie's... if you couldn't tell by my last two posts! This skin has such a pretty texture with lovely shading and highlighting.  It also comes with a ton of options for a very reasonable price!

Izzie's Brianna Skin Tones

The Brianna skin is available in seven skin tones (caramel is also an option but not photoed). I especially love that there is a red head option available; too many skin designers do not offer this option. My personal favorite for my ava is of course the pale tone. I have to match my real life translucent self! Lol

Izzie's Brianna Eyeshadows

Ten eyeshadow tattoos come with your purchase. I really love all the options this gives you when styling your outfit. I wore two of the shades (blue and black) in my previous post to give it a very dramatic look.

Izzie's Brianna Lipsticks

Ten lipsticks tattoos also accompany your purchase. The number of options for your eyes and lips make this such a fantastic buy. My personal favorite color is pink! I can't help it... I'm just too much of a girly girl I suppose.

So, how much will one of these fantastic packs cost you? Each pack, except for the red option, is L$990 and includes all eyeshadows, all lipsticks and freckle/no freckle and cleavage/ no cleavage options. The red option is slightly less at $L790; I am assuming this is because you do not have the no freckles option. All of the eyeshadows and lipsticks are included with the red pack as well as the cleavage/no cleavage option. Additional eyeshadow and lipstick packs are available at L$180 each.

Skin: *Brianna by Izzie's
Makeup: *Brianna Eyeshadows by Izzie's and *Brianna Lipsticks by Izzie's

* Denotes promotional copy.


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