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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 10 of 52 Weeks of Color - Avocado

52WoCC - Avocado

I feel so very fortunate to be able to make this post tonight. Living in the Appalachian Mountains in Southern West Virginia near the Kentucky/Ohio border in my real life, the place I have always called home doesn't really receive any extremely severe weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes... until yesterday that is. We have had the occasional threat for a tornado (once every five years perhaps) which never develops, but I never remember (and neither does my mother) having an outbreak of actual tornadoes especially those reaching EF3. After getting married last fall, I moved an hour away from the place I had lived for nearly twenty-six years. I was keeping an eye on the ongoing weather coverage and saw the tornado symbol pop up over a town a mere ten minutes from my mother's house. The symbol stayed there for what felt like an eternity. The entire area was covered in 'radar red' rains which continued for well over an hour; the area had already been saturated with heavy rainstorms just two days previously. I couldn't reach my mother who I thought was home alone at the time; actually, one of my sisters and her boyfriend had returned home when the weather started to get bad. Electric outages are very common in the rural areas of West Virginia during storms since there are so many trees. I just kept imagining my mother's house crumbling with her alone inside and none of the neighbors being able to see what had happened because without electricity it would have been completely dark. As soon as all the severe weather passed where I lived, my husband and I went to check on my mother who was thankfully safe and sound with my sisters. But, the small town ten minutes away was not so fortunate; I have never seen the scale of total destruction in this area before. Thousands of trees were flattened or snapped in half while people's homes were left in shambles. I hadn't been able to see the destruction when I had driven by the area the night before since there was no power and you could only see what was immediately in front of your vehicle. My heart is so broken for all the people affected.

The outfit I am wearing from my post is one of the new outfits by JANE being offered at the March Mesh Madness event. I love that the color is actually titled 'avocado.' I do believe this is the only outfit that I have worn for this entire challenge with the real name the actual color of the week's challenge color. The dress is very beautifully made, but I have come to expect this from JANE even before the introduction of MESH. There are a lot of other really beautiful designs being offered at the fair; I just wish I had more money to spend on them!

The hair I am wearing is such a sassy design from Shag who is participating in this week's round of Project Themeory. Two packs are available at only $L75 each; anyone who has purchased hair in Second Life knows that this is a great price! I absolutely love the extreme volume this hair features; it is definitely a statement piece!

Clothing: Trellis Oversize Tee in Avocado by JANE @ March Mesh Madness
Shoes: Move Pumps in Java by [elikatira]
Hair: Pussy Galore in Bittersweet by Shag (Project Themeory Special)
Skin: *Vanessa in Cream 08 by Filthy Skins (New)
Pose: *Bag Lady II 1 by aDORKable Poses (New)

* Denotes promotional copy.


  1. Oh how funny. We are in the SAME dress :D

  2. heart breaking story Laeshae. Happy you and your family are ok..but terrible for the people who are affected yes..must be terrible to see this in real.. i saw it on tv..
    Your look, by the way, is beautiful.. jane had in the shop many avocado items...bye bye Nic

  3. so gorgeous, so classical, so very very very shae!!!

  4. Love the hair with that dress! and glad you & yours are safe :)

  5. Happy you're ok! Tornados are a awfull thing, I've only lived once and I really hate this!
    Beautiful in avocado!

  6. Lashae, my darling, I hope you and your family stay safe during these storms that reac havoc and destruction. My prayers are with you. Glad everyone was ok during the last one. I know how you feel in a way, in Calif we get earthquakes. Ive grown up with them, but you never get use to them. And there are no warnings.

    On a brighter note, your outfit is adorable and I would wear that in RL. =)

  7. You look wonderful in the new Jane, and I am so glad you and your family are ok. All the best, my dear.

  8. Was so going to use that dress. Glad I looked at yours first and went with Plan B! Great minds think alike.

  9. All the best to your friends and family *hugs*.

    Great look this week and I'm swooning over that hair.

  10. I'm glad that you and are family are ok. I can't imagine how worried you must have been!

    Jane is always a good choice and you look beautiful in that dress :)

  11. I love that dress/t-shirt. A very nice pic too :)

  12. I did some work in your part of the country years ago, and I remember how beautiful it is. It was shocking to see the destruction on the news. I'm so happy your family is all ok. And good pick on the dress- it's really pretty:)

  13. I'm so glad that you and your family are safe and my heart goes out to all those in your neighborhood that are less fortunate. Beautiful dress and hair btw!

  14. Oh the tortures of nature... :( Your look is beautiful! Love that dress! I got one too! ;)