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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newbie Style Challenge

We all remember what it was like being a newbie on Second Life. While I did find the free shops for newbies, I had no idea where the good free items were. I actually didn't realize until later just how much better the clothing could be on Second Life than what is offered in most newbie shops. Don't get me wrong, the items are fine for when you are just starting, but the 'older' I get, the more detail and realism I want. Juicy Bomb has proposed a blogger challenge where you must completely make over your avatar with no more than L$20.

Blogger challenge from Juicy Bomb:

Can you make a nice avatar with little to no money?

Newbie Style Challenge Guidelines

Things you can do:
  • You can use your existing shape (or give your alt your shape)
  • You can purchase freebies, dollarbies (or anything under $20L)
  • You can use group gifts, free gifts, hunt items, etc
  • You can use it if you win it! (Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania)
  • All items must be acquired during the time of the challenge (July 4 - July 10). You can't use free items not currently available or in paid groups you're alrady a member of.

Things you cannot do:

  • You cannot spend more than $20L
  • You cannot ask your designer friends to send you stuff
  • You cannot use group gifts from groups that are paid-to-join
  • You cannot transfer inventory from your main to your alt
  • You cannot use anything in the library folders

/revised/ You CAN use some tiems from the library folders, if you really want to! Use sparingly.

Newbie Challenge

Newbie Challenge

Clothing: USO by Lemania Indigo Designs @ L$1 Group Gift (Free to Join)
Shoes: Included with Clothing
Jewelry: Crisp Winter by Dryad Designs @ L$0 (One free set of choice to avatar 60 days or younger.)
Hair: Jess in Mocha by TRUTH @ L$0
Skin: Umeko - Underwater DKBrow by !Imabee @ L$0 Good Sh!t Hunt
Eyes: Cosmic Dream Eyes by Poetic Colors @ L$0
Pose: we're on the same side by Don't Freak Out @ L$0

Total Cost: L$1



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