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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pieces of My Closet VII

Pieces VII

I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to get this week's addition to the Pieces of My Closet series finished in time.  I typically give myself a few days to get my photos ready for my blog; with work and just life in general, there aren't enough hours in my day left to sit down and do a complete blog post in one go.  I sorted through my inventory Monday and got rid of over 1,000 items (Yay!), shot the photos yesterday and edited them both today.  I learned how to use a new PhotoShop tool... the magnetic lasso.  I have to say that I think it really does make a difference in the depth of field look compared to when I was just using the regular lasso tool.  I'm learning... little by little!

The pants I'm wearing are one of my favorite pair in all of my inventory.  They were one of the first mesh releases by Janie Marlow at JANE; in case that name sounds familiar to you, Janie is also one of the co-founders of coldLogic.  She retired these pants a few months ago since they were released before standard sizing came out; you can still find a lot of great pants at both JANE and coldLogic, however.

I'm pretty sure that the top I'm wearing from LeeZu was picked up on a whim because I saw the entire fatpack on sale for a very cheap price.  I have a feeling that a lot of items have ended up in my overgrown inventory because of impulsive buying.  I'm not sure I ever tried the top on before I found it while sorting through my inventory, but I do like the design even if it is a bit impractical for keeping you warm.  But, since avatars can't feel, who cares?!  Lol  The top is still available in four colors at 50L each or 150L for the fatpack.

Pieces VII

I'm still wearing the very beautiful skin Fuyu by Izzie's.  The great thing about a well made skin is that it can go with so many different looks.  Izzie's skins are gorgeous and a great value all at the same time.  When compared to a lot of skin stores in Second Life, her prices are very affordable and you get so many options for the cheaper price you are paying.  The skin is available in eight tones and includes a modifiable shape, optional freckles, four brow colors, optional cleavage, a nail base, twelve lipsticks, twelve eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush and an eyebrow shape:

Clothing: [Top] Nataly Mesh Pullover in OliveBrown by LeeZu (Available) and [Pants] Wide Leg Pants Zooey in Truffle by JANE (Currently Unavailable)
Jewelry: Baroque Earrings by Magic Nook (Available)
Shoes: Millside Flats in Desert by [elikatira] (Available)
Hair: She Sends Kisses in Bittersweet by Shag (Currently Unavailable)
Nails: *Long French Nails by Izzie's (Available)
Skin: *Fuyu Skin Pale LB by Izzie's (Available)
Makeup: [Eyes] *Fuyu Eyeshadow Autumn and [Freckles] *Fuyu Freckles Pale (Both included with skin purchase) by Izzie's (Avaialble)
Poses: [1] * Shy 4m and [2] *Side Pony 2 by aDORKable Poses (Available)
Location: Water Reserve

* Denotes promotional copy.


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