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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

25L Tuesday

This morning I tried out the 25L Tuesdays specials list for the first time, and I found some pretty nice things. The theme for the specials is fantasy and role playing; so, if that is your thing, 25L isn't bad for a new outfit or two!

One of my favorite stores on the specials list was Junbug. The entire atmosphere of the store was wonderful, and the outfits were amazing. Junbug has what I would call a gypsy style dress out for L$25. You don't only get one adorable skirt, but two! The outfit also includes a 'modesty' undershirt for those ladies who would rather have the goods covered up.

Junbug,,LAQ,Posies,JoesSistah,25L Tuesdays

Clothing: Angel by Junbug @ L$25
Hair: Nicole.2 in Jaded Blond by
Skin: Pearl 5 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: You Are by Posies
Background by JoesSistah

Next up on the list is an adorably sexy lingerie set by Trashy Designs. Given the name of the store, you may expect any special to be showing a little more skin, but I was pleasantly surprised that all my parts were covered! The outfit features a cute thong, belt and a left shouldered tank which only covers the left breast. However, the designer included a band going around the chest and arms to cover the necessary parts. This set is available in blue, gold, green, purple, red and silver for only L$25 each!

Trashy Designs,JoesSistah,LAQ,Posies,Lamb

Clothing: Katrina in Silver by Trashy Designs @ L$25
Hair: Breeze in Honeycomb by !lamb.
Skin: Pearl 10 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: Oh My by Posies
Background by JoesSistah

Finally, but certainly not least, is a wild and sexy outfit from Smashin' Fashion. This pant outfit, with an optional skirt included, features a black corset with leopard print pants that have been clawed up! A cute pair of boots to match are included with the outfit, all for only L$25.

Smashin' Fashion,LAQ,Truth,JoesSistah,Posies

Clothing: Wild Woman by Smashin' Fashion @ L$25
Shoes: Included with clothing
Hair: Marnie in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Ania 8 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: Oh My by Posies
Background by Joes Sistah



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