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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only one more...


Ok.... So, I told myself that I absolutely was not going to be on Second Life or post any new blogs while I was on vacation with my ever so amazing boyfriend (♥). But, I wasn't able to get these pictures out before we left, and as long as they are sitting here on my laptop completely unpublished it is going to annoy me. So, one last post, and you won't see me again until Friday!

A very good friend of mine, I won't mention names just incase, introduced me to Donna Flora last week, and I absolutely fell in love with her designs. Most of her styles are very vintage, which I absoultely LOVE. If I could have chosen an era to grow up in, it most likely would have been somewhere between the 20s and 40s. Yes, I realize that was a time of great hardship in the United States, but sometimes that can humble people and make them stronger. It would have been nice to have been able to teach a classroom (I'm a teacher in RL ;) ) and not have students who were rude and didn't care about anyone but themselves. Anyway... Donna Flora's designs are full of texture and color, and I highly recommend visiting her store! The outfit I am wearing, titled Brooke, was released late last week and comes in both gold and sky. You get both a flexi babydoll skirt with the outfit along with a 'normal' skirt and flexi top with beads!

LAQ,,Donna Flora,Don't Freak Out

LAQ,,Donna Flora,Don't Freak Out

Clothing: Brooke in Gold by Donna Flora
Hair: Allison in Timid Brown by
Skin: Ania (Peach) 2 by LAQ
Pose: Like A Rolling Stone by Don't Freak Out

The Dressing Room has a new collection! It's always amazing when great designers come together on Second Life to bring you AMAZING prices for their clothing. Among the designers you can find there are Tuli, R.icielli, Glam Affair, Exile, So Many Styles, and Kunglers (Blue Room). Here are a few outfits, with their prices, that I threw together from the collection!

JoesSistah,The Dressing Room,Tuli,ExileR.ciielli,Glam Affair,Posies

Clothing: (Top) Carol by Glam Affair 50L$, (Bottom) Anita by R.icielli 60L$
Hair: Leslie in Caramel by Exile 50L$
Skin: Gina 2 by Tuli 65L$
Pose: Shirtless - Knees by Posies
Background by JoesSistah

JoesSistah,So Many Styles,YS&YS,Tuli,Exile

Gina Up Close


Clothing: (Top) Sporty Grey Jacket by So Many Styles 50L$, (Bottom) Leggings by Kunglers 50L$
Shoes: Open Stilettos Pink by YS&YS 60L$
Hair: Leslie in Caramel by Exile 50L$
Skin: Gina 2 by Tuli 65L$
Poses: (Top) Wanna be Jump, (Middle) Want You, (Bottom) AE-F5 by Posies
Background by JoesSistah



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