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Friday, June 25, 2010

Brown Eyed Girl

Lemania Indigo Designs has been a favorite of mine since I was very young in Second Life. I discovered the store through a hunt when I was around a month old and have been in love with the store ever since. I quickly discovered that Lemania loves hunts and loves offering Second Life residents quality outfits at an extremely reasonable price. Daily Specials are offered for 100L$ each with shoes included! Lemania also participates in Letter of the Week, Monday Mania and as many hunts as she can find! You can also find a Lucky Chair, Money Fever, Group Gifts, BidBoxes, Midnight Mania Board and two Walks of Stars at the shop!

I have worked for Lemania Indigo Designs and Wondrous Strange as a Personal Stylist since March 2010. So, what is a personal stylist? Since customer service is a top priority for these sister stores, personal stylists work to solve any problem or need that a customer may have. We assist customers with clothing selections, offer tips on how to fit clothing to the various body shapes in SL, send customer suggestions, praises or complaints to Lemania and Lestat and simply make sure that customers enjoy their experience on the SIM. I have also been known to personally notify a customer if I see something I think she may enjoy go on sale after I have learned her styling preferences. These services are completely FREE to Lemania Indigo Designs and Wondrous Strange customers!

Below, I have highlighted some of the specials being offered at Lemania Indigo Designs today. First, Xanthe is on sale as the Letter of the Week Special for only 75L$ with the matching shoes included. I am wearing the outfit with the Monday Mania Special Tousled Hair in Blonde for 50L$. Next, Dorothy Rasberry, with shoes included of course, is being offered as a Daily Special for only 100L$. Finally, Brown Eyed Girl is on the Money Fever board for only 1L$!!

Lemania Indigo Designs,JoesSistah,LAQ,DeePosed

Clothing: Xanthe by Lemania Indigo Designs @ 75L$
Shoes: Included with outfit
Hair: Tousled Hair in Blonde by Lemania Indigo Designs @ 50L$
Skin: Pearl 5 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: Framed 4 by DeePosed
Background by JoesSistah

Lemania Indigo Designs,JoesSistah,LAQ,TRUTH,Dryad Designs

Lemania Indigo Designs,JoesSistah,LAQ,TRUTH,Dryad Designs

Clothing: Dorothy Rasberry by Lemania Indigo Designs @ 100L$
Jewelry: Dorothy Grown Up by Dryad Designs
Hair: Bethany in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Ania 3 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: (Top) Centerfold 21, (Bottom) The Art of Seduction: To Lead Astray by DeePosed
Background by JoesSistah

Lemania Indigo Designs,JoesSistah,LAQ,TRUTH

Clothing: Brown Eyed Girl by Lemania Indigo Designs @ 1L$
Hair: Bethany in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Ania 8 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: model.pose 3 by
Background by JoesSistah



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