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Friday, June 18, 2010

Casual Friday

There's nothing better than being able to wear casual clothes to work... or around Second Life... on Friday! Lemania Indigo Designs and Wondrous Strange bring us two adorable, casual outfits both priced at 100L$ this Friday. Crystal Nouveau Casual, by Lemania Indigo, features a 1920s print top with cute capris to match with stars. Easy Living, by Lestat Reuven, features a sexy camel top with matching ripped jeans. Hurry and get them before they are placed at regular price!

Lemania Indigo,Lestat Reuven,Wondrous Strange,LAQ,,Zero Number

Clothing: (Left) Crystal Nouveau Casual (Shoes Included) by Lemania Indigo Designs, (Right) Easy Living by Wondrous Strange
Shoes: (Left) Included with outfit, (Right) Petanko Cross in Camel by Zero Number
Hair: Tatum.2 in Timid Brown by
Skin: Ania (Peach) 2 by LAQ
Pose: Posey Pose Stepladder in Olive by Olive Juice

Also, Lemania Indigo Designs is participating in the Letter of the Week Special. This week's letter is N, and she has created a fabulous dress titled Nature's Touch which features fairies and robin's eggs! A hat and shoes are also included with this special for only 75L$.

Lemania Indigo,LAQ,

Clothing: Nature's Touch by Lemania Indigo Designs
Hair: Jules in Timid Brown by
Skin: Ania (Peach) 4 by LAQ
Pose: model.pose 8 by
Location: Rose Hall



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