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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Have you ever been so tired that it's difficult to think? That is kind of where I am at the moment; so, please forgive me if my entire post makes no sense whatsoever!


Izzie's is most definitely turning into one of my favorite shops; I am more and more convinced of this with each new release. Her new Long Top is feminine, conservative and very fun! The blouse features system layers as well as five beautiful prim pieces; the sleeves are actually composed of two sculpts each which blend fantastically with each other. Honestly, the designer's ability to beautifully blend all the pieces of her clothing is what first caught my attention. Too often in Second Life, designers will make their vendor pictures look like the sculpted pieces blend well when in actuality they do not; Izzie's clothing actually does blend that well! Nine colors are available at L$150 each or $1,050 for the fatpack.


Like my bag? It's the newest release from je suis, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! Every girl needs a great bag for the summer, and Prete definitely fits the bill. The contents of the bag are perfect for a trip to the beach or a relaxing day in the park! You have everything you need: shades, water, towel, a magazine and most importantly... sunscreen! The bag does contain a very nice holding pose which works with your AO. A random person actually IMed me while I was trying to shoot some photos to ask where I got the pose to hold my bag like that. Hehe Twenty color choices are available at L$199 each or L$1,990 for the fatpack.


Not only does Izzie's make beautiful clothing, but she makes beautiful skin as well! Belinda is Izzie's latest skin release, and I have to say that I really love this look. I always look for realism mixed with artistry in new skins, and Izzie has definitely delivered! The skin purchase is set up a little differently than what you may be used to; Belinda is sold in three skin tones at L$700 per tone. Each tone contains a skin for black, blonde, brown and red brows and with options for cleavage as well. There is only one eye makeup included in the pack, but you can purchase lip gloss sets to change up the look. If you have ever really loved a designer's eye makeup but wished the skin had a different lip color, this type of purchase would be a good choice for you! The skin itself has a very basic lip color; so, it is easy to apply a lip gloss tattoo over the skin and still look beautiful. Three different lip gloss sets are available at L$120 per eight color pack.

Clothing: [Top] *Long Top in Pink by Izzie's and [Pants] Classic Jeans in Light by Zaara
Hair: *Pandora in Mocha by TRUTH
Hair Clip: Gem Clip - Flowers by EarthStones
Bag: *Prete in Stripped Black by je suis
Skin: *Belinda Skin (brown brows)- Sunkissed by Izzie's
Lip Gloss: *LipGloss Rose 2 (Set 2) by Izzie's
Lashes: 2011 lashes/curl by LeLutka
Poses: [1] *Take A Look 3, [2] *Ohai There 5 and *Freestylin' 1 by BANG
Location: Everwilde 

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. Cute look! Izzie's does make some cute stuff. I feel you on the tired thing.