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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 36 of 52 Weeks of Color - Celadon

Yay!! I’m so proud that I have done two color challenges in a row now. Bahaha! I still really need to make up those weeks that I missed… but, it’s just so daggone hard to find the time. Is it pathetic that I recently purchased a date book to keep track of what I need to blog and when it needs to be posted? I honestly have a crappy memory, and small pieces of paper just aren’t cutting it anymore. Does anyone else have a way they keep track of what they need to blog?


In all honesty, this week’s color was super hard for me. I bought a cute little skirt at the beginning of the week that had the very pale green in it, but I just wasn’t feeling it when I was getting ready to take pictures. So, here I was at one this morning trying to find something to wear. I remembered that Grixdale was having a sale and teleported over to see if I could find something that would work. When I came upon this cute little sundress, it instantly reminded me of my grandmother which I’m sure is completely not what Tyr Rozenblum had in mind when she designed it. My grandmother always wore sundresses in the summertime, but of course they were much longer than the adorable design by Tyr. I happily snagged it up for a whole L$50 and went to take my pictures! The sale lasts through July 16th, and you can find a lot of really great items marked down to L$100, L$75 or L$50. Tyr also has a set out a pack of seven pair of adorable panties for Project Themeory for free!


When I get new items to blog, I have a tendency to rez the packages around my studio and then clean up the clutter after I have posted the new products. It’s definitely a good thing that I did that this week, or I probably wouldn’t have realized that I had this awesome new skin from Filthy Skins that had just the right eye shadow color for the color challenge! Alexandra Barcelos recently released a new female skin design titled Paige which is absolutely stunning; I hope to have my full review up by Monday. The makeup that I am wearing is a special edition of the Paige skin currently available at the Grunge Soul Project for L$100. I personally think that the open mouth design is absolutely adorable! It gives more realism to the look by creating depth.

I was so super excited when [elikatira] started participating in Fifty Linden Fridays. She is most definitely one of my favorite hair designers in all of Second Life; I’m sure that you could tell that, however, by how much I use her products in my posts. Yesterday marked her second appearance in the sale event where she placed out a new hair design, titled Falling, with two options (bangs in the front or clipped to the side) for only L$50! And, she doesn’t just include one hair color for her sale item, but she places out the entire Essentials Collection which typically goes for L$250. This really makes me just happy as a clam since that is the pack I always purchase anyway! Unfortunately, if you didn’t stop by yesterday, you have sadly missed out on a great deal, but I am sure that she will have another design in the sale in a few weeks! The full collection of Falling has not been released yet but keep your eyes peeled for it!

Clothing: Sun of a Gun – Vintage Doll in Mint by Grixdale
Hair: Falling in Brown 08 by [elikatira]
Skin: *Paige GSP Edition by Filthy Skins @ Grunge Soul Project
Poses: [1] Tell Me Again and [2] That Is Not True by TeaSoup (No longer available)

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. I love that dress and the skin is stunning on you, simply beautiful.

  2. So cute! I love the way that dress looks on's very beautiful :)

  3. How beautfiful you are! Great photo, love the skin to!
    PS..SOOOO glad your back!!!! xoxoxo
    Smooches from me!

  4. I have a "To Be Blogged" folder where I keep my things to be blogged. Now and then I clean it out!

    As for remembering what to blog... with Luna it helps that she's on my blogroll, because sometimes I'll see it and go "OHYEAH!"

  5. Aw very cool! I like the romantic look of the dress and how you found the eyeshadow too!
    ...and we wont comment on my "Things To Blog" folder.. LOL

  6. PS I like to use Google calendar and tasks and stuff to remind me of things... And I can get them in my phone too :P

  7. No, I don't think you look much like a granny in that little sundress :P Super cute, and thanks for the tip about the sale.

  8. we both used clothings from grixdale :))) that i also posted the lemon for next week was by accident.... i make a new post for coming saturday... i am looking forwards to your post.. bye Nic