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Monday, July 4, 2011

Truth District

The opening of Truth District caused a lot of stir and excitement over the weekend, and with good reason. Some of the top names in Second Life fashion have joined to create the latest mall hosted by one of the top… if not THE top… hair designers: TRUTH.

What makes Truth one of my favorite hair designers? I would have to say realism. And, not just realism in looks, but realism in movement as well. No other hair designer that I have come across has as realistic movement in their hair designs as Truth. With the opening of the new sim, Truth has released six new styles, one being a gift. You can pick up five of the new designs in the main Truth store, but the gift can only be acquired at the satellite store on Truth District. To receive the hair, you must be a member of the in world Truth District Updates group which is free to join.

Pictured below:

  • Darcey in Clove
  • Darcey 2 in Carrot
  • Jean in Raven
  • Pandora in Mocha
  • Summer in Seaspray
  • Becky (Group Gift) in Beach







To celebrate the opening of Truth District, many of the designers have placed out gifts for the update group in their stores. And, as expected, they are amazing gifts! These gifts will be out until July 8. It may take you a while to teleport into the sim because of all the craze, but keep trying! The design of the sim is absolutely stunning, and the generosity of all the designers is well worth the time it will take!

  • Picture 1: Grixdale – Tank and Skirt (Group Gift)
  • Picture 2: Whippet & Buck – Top (Group Gift)
  • Picture 3: The Sea Hole – Outfit (Group Gift)
  • Picture 4: Ducknipple – Top (Group Gift)
  • Picture 5: MichaMi – Dress (Group Gift)
  • Picture 6: Miamai – Swimsuit (Group Gift)
  • Other group gifts used in pictures: Skin by Curio (pictures one and five) and poses by Glitterati (picture one).

You may have noticed the necklace that I am wearing in all the pictures. Eternelle is one of the latest designs by je suis who also happens to have a satellite store at Truth District. This piece comes with so many options, it is absolutely insane! Scripts are included in the necklace, earrings (not pictured) and a ring (not pictured) for size, gemstone, metal and band. This design can be worn dressy as well as casual. I really love that each gemstone can be individually colored; this is one of the aspects that makes it so versatile. Je suis also has a group gift for Truth District in their satellite store; be sure to stop by and pick it up!

Teleport to Truth District

Clothing: Listed above
Jewelry: *Eternelle by je suis
Hair: *All styles by TRUTH
Skin: [2, 3, 4, 6] *Summer (Sundust) by Curio
Poses: [1] Long Hair 3-3 (Group Gift), [2] Long Hair 2-6, [3] Long Hair 2-3, [4] Long Hair 6, [5] Model 051 and [6] Model 033 by Glitterati

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. Cute looks! I love the volume of Jean and who can resist the freebies.