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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world. London, Paris, Rome… somewhere tropical. Most of those will most likely never become a reality, but what I fail to be able to do in my real life, Second Life can sometimes make up for. Hawaii has always been on my ‘to visit’ list, and with the help of Nickki Romano and Island Style Designs, I can feel a little more like I am actually visiting the islands!


Isn’t the hula skirt simply adorable? And, you have to love the coconut bra! I’m not so sure that I would feel as confident wearing it in real life as I am in Second Life. It is most definitely easier to hold up a bra made of coconuts when you don’t have gravity pulling it down! Nickki has a wide selection of hula skirts available in her shop all priced between L$250 and L$350. The package also came with a lei, but unfortunately I just could not get my hair to cooperate with it! A hair with an attached lei is also included in the package if you do not have any long styles of your own.


While I was wandering around Island Style Designs, I came upon this cute little freebie. I really love it when designers appreciate their customers enough to set out something that isn’t for sale! Just a little thank you for visiting their place. I really love how vivid the colors are in the bikini! The item also comes with a little wrap that I forgot to attach to myself before I snapped the pic. Oops. Lol Snag this freebie before it disappears!


What would a great island style be without a cute pair of shoes? As soon as I saw these adorable sculpted flip flops by My Pretty Pixels, I was in love! I’m not sure where I would be in my real life without my sandals to run around in all summer! An easy to use resizer is included as well as a hud to help with skin tone adjustments and nail color. I personally love the manicured look that is available in these shoes! I wish more designers would offer this instead of all polishes because the real life me rarely wears polish! The toe ring and anklets are optional and controlled via a hud. Twelve colors are available at L$340 each or L$1,630 for the color change pair. This is a definite great addition to your inventory for the summer months!

I just have to mention the poses I used in the second and third pictures because…. Well, you know me… I love poses! Fluke is a newish store offering poses for both men and women. Guys, I know that it is really difficult to find poses for men sometimes; so, it’s always good when a new store pops up on the grid that provides for the demand! The poses used here are from the Casual Girl set. These poses are really cute and fun. If you are a pose hoarder like I am, you should definitely teleport over to Fluke on the LeeZu SIM!

Clothing: [1] *Deluxe Grass Skirt with Plumeria, Coconut Bra, Lei and Hair and [2] Green and White Bikini (Freebie) by Island Style Designs
Jewelry: [2] Knotted Pearls Set by Diamond Dreams Jewelry
Shoes: *Womens FlipFlop in Black by My Pretty Pixels
Hair: [1] Serena in Mocha by TRUTH and [2] Tatum.2 in Thoughtful Brown by
Skin: [1] *Ana (Tan) – Tropics and [2 and 3] *Ana (Pale) – Tropics by Filthy Skins
Poses: [1] Long Hair 6 by Glitterati, [2] *Casual Girl 3 and [3] *Casual Girl 6 by Fluke

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. What a realistic looking hula skirt! I must keep them in mind for Luau events. Cute looks!