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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pieces of My Closet #1

One of my goals for this summer (and trust me… I have many) is to finally get my inventory organized. I have over 50K pieces of unorganized madness that takes forever and three days to load every time I log in. I really need serious help. Bahaha! So, what does this mean for my readers? You will get to see randomness from my inventory all summer! Who knows what mysteries await us!


My first confession of this series of posts is that am absolutely HORRIBLE about doing hunts or going to sale events and then never opening my packages. Do you think I might have a shopping problem? Or, am I simply a pack rat? Maybe more of you have this problem. After doing the Seasons Hunt (Winter), I didn’t even open one package. **Hides face in shame** Although obviously this adorable little dress by EPOQUE with reindeer on it is no longer available and is very much out of season, I thought it was still worth featuring because …. honestly … I love it and it is beautifully designed. It’s not too often that I find a dress that requires a prim stuck between my legs to be attractive. I typically hate them actually. Something is almost always off about them. The texture with this dress, however, is just so warm and inviting, and the texture on the ‘between the legs’ prim matches up quite well with the rest of the dress. When I stopped by EPOQUE today, I saw that they are having a 30% off sale; don’t miss it!


With how addicted I am to hair in Second Life, I cannot believe that I actually bought this beautiful style and then completely forgot about having it. To be quite honest, I’m not sure when I even bought it… It says 50L on the name of the folder; so, I’m assuming it was some type of sale. Does that give you an idea to how much hair I buy?? I can’t even remember what I have! I stow it away in my inventory and forget about it. Ugggghhhh! Needless to say, I’m going to try and do better! I stopped by Posh to see what else this brilliant designer has to offer, and let’s just say that you are going to see a lot more of this brand on my ava’s pretty little head! I absolutely LOVE the styles; to give you an idea, if you love Lamb, you will most likely love Posh as well.

I do believe that I need a better way to sort my jewelry. Sorting by brand is just not working for me; I have no idea what I have and can’t remember what I have bought from different vendors. Perhaps I should list by object such as necklaces, earrings, etc and then by material type. But, then what do I do about sets? Uuuggghhh! If anyone wants to share how they organize their jewelry, I’m all ears! The gold hoops earrings by Caroline’s Jewelry are another item I found tucked away in my inventory that I don’t even remember buying. Perhaps this was a gift? Who knows… I also found a pearl set by Caroline’s that I had forgotten about; it is absolutely beautiful, and I’m very glad that I rediscovered it.

I remember buying my Apple May Designs skin, I just rarely ever wear it. I’m not sure why because it is very pretty; perhaps it is because I only have one or two whereas I have many from other skin designers. I’m sure that I purchased Katey when it was on sale as a newly released item. I’m not sure if AMD still does the sales on new skins, but I’m going to be watching out for those notices to pop up on my screen! I definitely want more of this skin!! The eyelashes that I wear all of the time are from AMD, and I absolutely love them; they are perfectly spaced and don’t look like spider legs.

Keep an eye out for more discoveries from my inventory!

Clothing: Nordic Sweater Dress by EPOQUE (Seasons Hunt)
Jewelry: Large Gold Hoops by Caroline’s Jewelry
Shoes: Ants Flats in Bokara Grey by Miel
Hair: Vindicated in Wheat by Posh
Skin: Katey (Peach) by Apple May Designs
Poses: [1] Top Model Spring ’11 Makeover Alexandria and [2] Top Model Spring ’11 Alexandria by Exposeur


  1. Wow 50k! My SL sister freaked on me yesterday for saying mine was 15k. She'd really spaz on you! Lol! Cute look! I love the Seasons Hunts. Hmm, has the summer one come yet?

  2. Lol.... I hope to really cut out a lot of stuff that I don't really want or will never wear again. I'm not sure when the summer hunt will be; I checked their blog and nothing has been updated.