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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I ♥ My Flops!

I’m not typically the kind of shopper who sees something on virtually every blog and then just has to have that item. I prefer my own, individual style rather than what the masses are wearing. But, I do have to admit that these shoes caught my attention as they were being plastered all over the feeds. This is one time that I definitely thought, “I have to have those!!”


The new Maitreya Gold Flip-Flops are one of the most fabulously sculpted pair of shoes that I have in my inventory. I was so excited by how realistic the feet look as well as how well the sculpt blends in with my ava’s leg. I have not used any type of blending technique in PhotoShop in my picture to get the seam of the sculpt to match with my leg; this is truly how I see the shoes in world. While yes, the price is rather steep for a pair of flip-flops ($775 per pair, L$6,990 for the fatpack [nearly 55% discount]), the quality of the sculpt is so well worth it. Included with your purchase are three anklets for each leg which can be worn together, separately or not at all. Resizing scripts are included in the shoe as well as texture changing scripts for the nail color (HUD), metal of the toe ring, the insole of the shoe and the anklets. What I found most useful with the purchase was a notecard listing major skin designers’ values to correctly match the skin; I literally had the color I needed in seconds. Included designers are !mabee, &bean, Atomic, Belleza, Curio, Dernier Cri, Dutch Touch, Fashionably Dead, FNKY, Glam Affair, Laqroki Glow Skins, Launa Fauna, League, LeLutka, Pink Fuel, PXL, Redgrave, Rockberry, Tres Blah and Tuli. Twenty colors of the flip-flops are available; I only purchased the lucid pair during my visit, but I am seriously thinking about getting the fatpack. These shoes are just so perfect for summer!

Clothing: [Shirt] Intrinsic Tank in Milk by JANE and [Shorts] Denim Cutoffs in Indigo by This is Fawn
Shoes: Flip-Flops in Lucid by Maitreya Gold
Hair: Quinn in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Elf 2 [Dark] Lore 2 (Sundust) by Curio


  1. So you don't wear what the masses wear, except for the skin, hair, short and ooh look, a tanktop? Hardly an original look, is it?

  2. First, you completely took my comment about not wearing what the masses wear out of context. I suppose it would have been better worded as just because I see such and such item by such and such designer all over the feeds doesn't mean I'm going to go buy it. If I like it, yes, but not just because that is what everyone is wearing. I do tend to look for designers that offer high quality items; I don't like wasting my money on things that I end up hating. That, however, does not mean that I only wear designers who are well known; I wear pieces from a lot of different designers as evident by my very long tag list on the side of my blog. If you need justification for why I chose what I chose to wear in the picture, I wanted to keep my outfit simple so the focus was on my shoes not on the clothing. If you took the time to look at the rest of my blog, I wear many skins from many different designers... some of who are not the 'elite' in designing. I chose Curio because it was on the list of skin codes provided, and I have a few sets. As far as the hair goes... it's hard to find a good hair style for a pose on your stomach. I don't have a whole lot of short styles; so, I went with something that was up that wouldn't hang into my back. Again, if you looked at the rest of my blog, you would see that I wear hair from many, many different designers.

  3. I love these flip flops too especially since I live in flip flops in real life but will not pay over 700 lindens for a pair of shoes so I passed them up but they look adorable on you. Original way for showing them off too!

  4. Thank you!! The price was the reason I didn't buy them as soon as I saw them... >.< They are definitely expensive, but I just ended up having to have them. That really sounds horrible, doesn't it? Lol I do believe that is the most I have ever paid for shoes though. Typically over L$300 is a bit much for me.