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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Magic of Windlights

Since I began blogging, I have been completely awestruck by the pure talent of so many photographers in Second Life. I have always thought that in order to get my photos to look as fantastic as those I see on the feeds, I would need to learn PhotoShop. I discovered today that isn’t the case at all.


While reading Ms. Strawberry Singh’s blog this morning, I stumbled across her tutorial for windlight settings. When I first started taking photos in Second Life, I had downloaded a few extra presets from the Second Life Wiki, but not knowing how to bump graphics at the time, the presets make me look absolutely horrible. I reverted back to using the amazing Redgrave setting and have never really thought much of it since. I always assumed that photos with amazing skies and the foggy colored look had been PhotoShopped to look that amazing. **Smacks self on the forehead** It really isn’t that difficult! No PhotoShopping at all is required. Thank God because a year after purchasing the software, I still don’t know how to use it! :-/ I’m sure that my mouth dropped open after I downloaded the presets on Berry’s blog and bumped my graphics to ultra. I completely didn’t expect to see what was on my screen. I am so excited to now be able to do this! The cherry on top will be when I am able to upgrade my graphics card and finally be able to use shadows! Thank you so much, Berry, for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge!

Since this is a fashion blog, I suppose I should mention what I’m wearing! This cute little outfit is not by any means new; it is simply one of my favorite casual outfits. Anytime I need to throw something on in a hurry, I grab this! Unfortunately, I didn’t see Orange Peel when I visited Siss Boom today, but keep an eye out… You never know when Lestat is going to pull something back out of her inventory! If you are looking for a beautiful casual outfit, definitely drop by this store. It is most definitely one of my favorite.

On a side note, if the store hasn’t already closed up shop, TeaSoup is having a closing sale. With how much I love poses, I’m not sure why I didn’t discover this store until it was closing! I guess that was better for my wallet though; all poses have been marked L$25 – L$75. Although I am a brand new customer, I’m kind’a sad to see this pose designer go. I really loved all of the poses I found there and purchased almost every pose pack available. The poses are interesting and the transitions are smooth. Perhaps someday there will be a comeback!

Clothing: Orange Peel by Siss Boom
Hair: End of Summer in Brown 3 by Head Mistress
Skin: Mary Natural (B) by Glam Affair
Pose: Funk by TeaSoup