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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Monkey Pumps

Dear Blog Readers,

I have a confession that I must make. It appears that I have come down with an illness that is not soon to be cured. That is right, I am addicted to Second Life shoes. This illness is showing symptoms much like my incurable addiction to Second Life hair. I hope you will understand if I make many random posts involving my feet as it is a side effect that cannot be stopped. As a temporary fix, Baby Monkey has supplied me with copies of their beautiful new pumps, Mia (Color Change) and Simone (Nude Color FREE Group Gift). I hope you find these as irresistible as I do.

Lashae Karsin



Shoes: (1) Mia Pumps Color Change in Navy and (2) Simone Pumps in Nude by Baby Monkey
Skin: Ania 3 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: Bored Now by Don't Freak Out!
Background by JoesSistah



  1. You have the cutest little feet... must be the angle of your camera. I bet no one ever complemented your feet before lol. I have to admit to suffering the same affliction that's only soothed with a new pair of bright and shiny sl shoes... fabulous pictures Lashae keep up the good work!