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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I Love

Blogger Challenge from StrawberrySingh:

"This week's challenge is blogging about what you love about Second Life. Is it something in your inventory? A person? A feeling? What makes you log back into Second Life everyday?"


Clothing: *Milk Maid by Siss Boom @ L$100
Hair: Kitty in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Ania 2 (Peach) by LAQ
Pose: Glitz 2 by !bang
Background by RubyBlossom

What I love about Second Life has changed so much over the course of the past thirteen months. When I first joined, I loved going to parties and participating in dress up contests. I 'made' my real life boyfriend join so that we could dance the night away. We live nearly six hours apart in real life; so, Second Life was an easy way for us to spend time together without really being together. Of course I always prefer to have the real life version of him with me, but for the time being, Second Life Dryden will have to do.

I have never been a big shopper in real life, but from the very start I have loved to shop on Second Life. I am awed and amazed that people can create designs in a virtual world that look so real. I suppose my love for fashion is what eventually lead to my love for photography. Looking back, my first photographs were in all honesty rather horrible. I had no clue as to what windlight settings even were or that I could edit them. I didn't have any poses, and, of course, I most definitely didn't have my own photo studio then. I started posting pictures on Flickr for the weekly contest Lemania Indigo Designs had to win copies of her new releases. I was beyond elated the first time I won. My techniques eventually improved and somewhere along the line someone gave me the suggestion for my current love in Second Life.

I started blogging in June of this year, and while I did take a short break, I have fallen completely in love with it. It enables me to combine my love for fashion and photography and has also allowed me to meet a lot of amazing and extremely generous people along the way. I do not know where I would be without the blogging tips from SweetDeb Kips and Tapika Tomsen or the photography advice from Vanessinha Vectoscope. I know there are many people who do not like to share their secrets, but these three ladies have always graciously answered any question I had. I could not thank them enough. I also could not have done without Lanj Plasker and Rachella Rossini cheering me on the entire way; both of these ladies are always so positive and send me all the amazing sales they hear about and new stores they discover!

So what is it that I really love about Second Life? I can't just boil it down to one thing... It's the time I get to spend with ♥Dryden, the priceless friendships that I have made and the endless and oh so amazing fashion and photography. This is what keeps me coming back.


* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. Great post and really enjoyed your blog, Lashae. It's nice to see what good things SL can do for people instead of reading all the whingeing on... ahem Forums *laughs*

  2. I like your Blog soooo much Lashae ;)) We have to make some "review clothes" pictures together dear :D <3

  3. That's wonderful that you both have SL as a way to connect even at such a distance. Great post. <3