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Sunday, January 2, 2011

And It Was Love

It’s hard to believe that a couple months ago I only owned one brand of skin and had no intention of ever changing that. I just didn’t look ‘me’ in another skin. One of the great things about Second Life, however, is that you can change ‘me’ on a daily (or hourly lol) basis! You don’t have to be stuck with one look or one style. When I first started modeling for Lemania Indigo Designs and Wondrous Strange (now Siss Boom) in Second Life at the ripe old age of three months, I was always fascinated and awe struck at the beautiful skin in the vendor pictures. When I finally figured out about two months later… I’m not really sure why I never asked… who the extremely talented creator was, I quickly teleported to Curio. Still being relatively young in Second Life, I was not about ready to pay ‘that’ price for skin! Haha… No way! Not me! I went on about my merry way and didn’t really think much more about it.


Last week, a friend IMed me and told me that Curio had a free skin in the Gala & Rita Design Announcements group. My curiosity perked back up, and I joined the group to try the skin. Let’s just say that I instantly fell in love all over again. The skin looked absolutely beautiful on my ava; the lips were so colorful and luscious and the eye shadow had just the right amount of color. Needless to say, I once again teleported back to Curio to drool over all the amazing skins. Although L$3000 is still quite an investment to me, it’s not an absolute out of the question purchase decision to me anymore. I took a few demos and tried them on periodically over the next couple days. As I said, L$3000 is an investment for me as I am sure it is for most people in Second Life, and I wanted to make sure without a shadow of a doubt that I really LOVED the skin I would buy. Of course, I could have purchased a single makeup pack, but then I would just end up wanting the rest. In the end, I decided to purchase the Elf 2 Sundust makeup pack, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

I think the vendor pictures at Curio may be a bit misleading; you actually get an extreme amount of skin options in the pack that I didn’t realize way back when by just looking at the pictures. Each makeup comes in two versions, two skin tones (light and dark), and an option for freckles in both makeups and both skin tones which gives you a total of eight options for each ‘makeup’. If you purchase the fatpack, that is a total of fourty-eight skins! When you look at it like that, L$3000 doesn’t seem quite as bad; that is only L$62.5 for each skin.


The skin from Curio looks amazingly realistic. Apart from the face, my favorite part is the collar bones. It almost looks as if Gala has taken a picture of someone with beautiful collar bones and uploaded it on her skin. I’m sure, however, that they are hand painted, and that, my dear readers, is pure and amazing talent! The colors on each of the eyes blends so perfectly together, just the right amount of blush is added, and even in the very light lips, they are all still so luscious. If you have never tried Curio, I urge you to at least join the Gala & Rita Design Announcements group (free to join) to try the free skin. If you are anything like me, you will soon be falling in love, and it probably won’t be long until you are wanting more!

Clothing: [Dress] Wisk by Phoenix Rising (No Longer Available) and [Tank] Billie Lace Tank in Black by Pink Outfitters
Jewelry: White Pearl Set by Alienbear's Designs
Hair: End of Summer in Brown 3 by Head Mistress
Skin: Elf 2 (Sundust) by Curio
Pose: Model Pose 026 by Glitterati
Background by RubyBlossom


  1. This skin is absolutely amazing on our shape!!!
    Great pictures as always Lashae :)