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Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a [Landscaping & Household] Party!

I have always loved houses, furniture and landscaping items in Second Life; the problem was, however, that I never really had land that offered me enough prims to work with a house and a lot of nice little items to lie around. I have now owned four different pieces of property in SL, and with each move I keep increasing my allotted prim count!


If you have ever been shopping for anything other than clothing in Second Life, you will know that fashion isn’t the only thing that tends to be quite expensive on the grid. If you want to have a nice yard… or a nice house… you have to be willing the shell out quite a few Lindens. Lestat Reuven of Siss Boom has definitely eased some of that strain with her new items for the Lemania SIM It’s a Party Hunt. Lestat has placed nine party hats filled with landscape and house items inside and outside her store all for L$1 each. Featured above is the Red Straight Tree (with shadow), My Beautiful Grass, Fern, Glowy Yum (mushrooms) and Dreamy Blue Flowers.

The Red Straight Tree actually has a much longer trunk than what is featured in the above picture; I pulled it down into the ground so that it would fit in the picture. The tree and the included shadow are not connected which makes it very easy to adjust the tree to your own preferred height and still keep the shadow. Of course, if you only wanted the tree, you can easily just delete the shadow and keep the tree! The tree is six prims and the shadow is three prims.

The Glowy Yum mushrooms are absolutely too adorable! You get both mushrooms with your L$1 purchase. One mushroom is four prims and the other is three prims. Like the tree, they are not connected which allows you to use both or only one. This also gives you the freedom to adjust the mushrooms to different heights.

My Beautiful Grass, Fern and Dreamy Blue Flowers are all one prim each and have copy permissions! Even if you have a plot of land with only a few prims allowed, it will be so easy (and cheap!) to decorate your yard with these!


I always wanted a fountain for my yard, but I never could find one that was a relatively small number of prims at the right price. You definitely cannot beat L$1 for a seventeen prim fountain! The Paris Was Insane fountain features a gorgeous stone texture with moving water, lily pads on both the bottom portion and top portion and cute little birds on top with one having a text bubble that says ‘I Love You.” Even better, this fountain has a pose included in it which allows you recline off the top. It’s absolutely too cute to pass up!


I so fell in love with this little butterfly as soon as I saw it! The Spotted Butterfly is a particle poofer which means that when touched, smaller butterflies of the same texture will come ‘poofing’ out of it! It really is adorable. When I first tried making the particles poof, I saw nothing and was a little bummed since it is so cute. I IMed Lestat and told her my poofer wasn’t poofing, and of course she had the perfect solution!! My particle count in my graphics preferences was set to zero. Duh! No wonder I could see them! Lol If you use this, make sure you turn your particle count up. The prim count for the spotted butterfly is one prim.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Shutter Prop and Tulip Vase, both having three prims. It’s really difficult to find a nice potted flower in Second Life for only three prims; those of you who like a lot of plants setting around your house (like me =] ) will definitely like the fact that this item is low prim and copiable!

Don’t miss these items!! You will be hard pressed to find nicer landscaping and house items in Second Life for only L$9. These hunt prizes will be out through January 31st.

*All items provided by designer for review.