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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fantabulous Sales? ... Don't Mind if I Do!

It has already been a weekend of great sales, and it is only Saturday! I honestly don’t think that I could ever have enough poses in my inventory. Every time I get a notecard about new releases or a fantabulous sale, I go running! Bang gives us the best of both this weekend with two new releases as well as an awesome sale. Just Shut Up and Second the Motion are two pose packs released today; I will be using these poses in the coming week. The pose used below is from a pack released about two weeks ago titled Knee High Fashion. As the name suggests, these poses are designed to show off all the knee highs and/or socks that you collect in your second life! Pose #5 simply looked too adorable with my socks from JANE; so, of course I had to use it! Packs of ten poses are available at !bang for L$200 or L$35 per pose.


Aaaahhhh, yes!! That does say that !bang is having a sale, and a very good one at that. Luna Jubilee is running out of space to display all of her awesome poses. So, she is clearing out some space and offering some really great deals in the process. Until January 31st, you can purchase all six pose packs for L$100 each or L$35 per pose. Let’s see… L$35 x 6 poses = L$210… You are getting over half off during this sale!! Hurry… run quick! After the sale, these poses will only be available on the marketplace.


After a month or so of silence, JANE finally released a new outfit this past week, and oh my, is it adorable! Melody features a cute flared out dress with a sweet flared cardigan to match. And, what better to go under them but an adorable pair of stripped socks! The Melody dress is available in three colors (fawn, navy and raven) at L$150 each or L$295 for the greedy pack; the Melody cardigan is also available in three colors (cherry, golden and salmon) at L$100 or L$195 for the greedy pack. The Little Piggies Stripped Tights come in three shades each of blacks/grays, blues, browns, greens, oranges, pinks, purples, reds, whites/creams and yellows at L$50; a special is currently out, which is sure not to last much longer, where all colors and shades are available in a greedy pack for L$50!


JANE is also having a sale!! I told you is has been a weekend of great sales! Through this weekend only, everything has been reduced by 50%, including single colors and greedy packs. The only items excluded from this sale are new releases, Needful Things and Little Piggies Socks and Tights. I caught the 50% off sale from JANE last November, and I absolutely loved everything I bought (which was quite a lot, mind you). Her items are extremely well made and absolutely adorable. If you have never visited JANE, now is the perfect time to do so!

Clothing: [Dress] Melody in Fawn; [Socks] Little Piggies Stripped Tights in Salmon and [Coat] Melody Cardigan in Salmon by JANE
Shoes: Far Boots Polar Edition by Miel
Hair: Serena in Mocha by TRUTH
Skin: Jessica 3 (Fair) by LAQ
Pose: *Knee High Fashion 5 by !bang
Background by FairieGoodMother

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.