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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Final Hours @ CHIC Limited

Today is the last day of the first round of items at CHIC Limited. The goal of this monthly event is to introduce Second Life residents to amazing designers; what I particularly love is that enrollment is not restricted to the already very famous in Second Life. Each month, a new selection of at least twenty designers will place an item out to be featured. The item is not a discount item and it’s not a limited item that is ridiculously expensive; prices are set at normal retail prices.


I really should use props more often in my photographs. This amazing chair is the item offered by aDORKable Poses who is most definitely one of my favorite pose designers in Second Life. If you follow my blog often, you know that I use her Pencil and Poofy sets quite often. They are so perfect for many of the designs I wear! The Brazen Hussy Chair will be out at CHIC Limited for the remainder of the day; it contains five poses, and it also contains a texture change script for the cushion. Also, the chair is modifiable which allows you to change the color of the rest of the chair! I decided to leave it as is because the purple is simply beautiful! If you aren’t able to make it to CHIC Limited today… No worries!! This beautiful prop will be out at the new aDORKable Poses main store after the event. Oooo and btw… There is an absolutely adorable FREE pose bench out at aDORKable Poses right now!! ;-)

The shoes I am wearing are also a CHIC Limited item by G Field. Although they are not seen in the photograph, the shoes contain a beautiful flower attached to the side. They have the ability to be turned on and off, and since the flower looked odd with the pose, I turned them off. These shoes are Viewer 2 friendly as well as friendly for other viewers of Second Life. At first I was a little confused why an alpha layer was included in the box if the shoes themselves contained an invisiprim, but all confusion was cleared when I actually clicked the shoes. The invisiprim has a turn on/turn off option just like the flower! Options also exist for flower color and sole color. These shoes are absolutely beautiful. The color change pair I am wearing is available for L$220; a white color change option is also available. Six single color shoes are available for purchase for L$190 each; these also contain the on/off option for the flower. If you don’t want just one pair, you can purchase the entire all color pack for L$1900.

Clothing: *1940 Bathing Beauty by Siss Boom (Currently Not Available)
Shoes: Flower Pumps in Black by G Field @ CHIC Limited
Hair: Tash in Chocolate by Exile @ Clearance Sale
Skin: *Nala Rose (Pale) by Filthy Skins
Pose: *Brazen Hussy Chair by aDORKable Poses @ CHIC Limited
Scene by Modd.G (FREE)

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.