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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 12 of 52 Weeks of Color - Taupe

Taupe is a very earthy brown which reminds me of being covered with nutrient rich soil as a child. When I was little, I spent my summers at my grandparents’ house while my mother was working. My grandfather always raised a garden, and for some reason, there was just something special about his boots. I found the Wo Boots by Zero Number quite a few months ago, and it is amazing at how much they look like my grandfather’s boots. I realize only the top portion of the boots is showing, but each boot comes in two pieces, and the pose found in the seat was just not ‘two piece boot’ friendly. Lol


The shirt I am wearing is the top portion of the special released yesterday by Siss Boom, titled Earth. As luck would have it, it was just the right shade of taupe for the Color Challenge this week. My pants are also from the creator of Siss Boom; however, they were designed when Lestat Reuven’s store was titled Wondrous Strange. The pants are part of an outfit titled Gentle Brocade which is still available in the Siss Boom store. It is honestly one of my very favorite designs by Lestat.

LoQ released a special pack of hair as a group gift this past week in their Tiramisu style. The pack includes four colors of the hair piece as well as the hairbases. The hair was not a perfect fit for me, but thankfully LoQ hairs are modifiable which allowed me to insert my own resize script. I honestly am horrible at manually resizing. If you have difficulty resizing as well, search for resizing scripts on the marketplace. There are some very easy to use, premade scripts available for purchase.

Clothing: [Shirt] *Earth and [Pants] Gentle Brocade by Siss Boom
Jewelry: Zahavi Earrings by League
Shoes: Wo Boots Gomi by Zero Number
Hair: Tiramisu in Dark Brown by LoQ Hairs @ Group Gift
Skin: *Swedish Makeup 1 (Spectral) by Siss Boom

* Denote item provided by designer for review.


  1. I like the quiet atmosphere in your pic ...
    and I absolutly love those pants ;-)

  2. I agree. I love the quiet reflectiveness.

  3. Those jeans are awesome, you look like you are at very serene and relaxed... Wish I could look like this RL!!

  4. I love the pic and the outfit! it has a relaxed weekend look :)

  5. I, too, love the pensiveness shown in this pic. It's really nice. :D

  6. Beautiful, and OOHH those jeans!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE EM!!!!

  7. The boots are still great looking even if the pose doesn't show them off properly. Awesome taupe!

  8. It looks so warm and peaceful. A pleasant retreat from our busy lives:)

  9. I must say I really appreciate how you write. And I love your outfit :)