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Thursday, January 6, 2011


It has been too long! With returning to work in real life after the holiday break this week, I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to blog. I suppose I got too used to sleeping in until 9 – 10 every day; I have taken a nap almost every day after work. --Sigh--


As many of you know, EarthStones is one of my favorite jewelry stores in Second Life, and it absolutely tickles me pink every time Abraxxa Anatine releases a new set of diamond jewelry! Diamonds are most definitely my gem of choice in both my real life and my second life. Last Monday, the new Envision line was released, and my oh my, is it a beauty! The sheer number of small prims speaks volumes to the amount of time Abraxxa puts into all of her creations and the tremendous amount of talent she possess. The necklace is composed of 188 prims, the earrings are composed of 88 prims total and the bracelet is composed of 255 prims. The details in the metal and in the gems are extremely impressive as well. This line is available in white diamonds along with your choice of white gold/rubies, white gold/London blue topaz, white gold/black diamonds, yellow gold/champagne diamonds, yellow gold/emeralds and yellow gold/fire opals.

To go with such an exquisite set of jewelry, I, of course, had to have an equally exquisite gown. Lestat Reuven of Siss Boom must have been reading my mind when she recreated her Letters to You dress today in black and white. It is just what I was looking for! If you have been searching for a designer with an extreme amount of talent who offers amazing deals, search no more! All Siss Boom creations are released at the rock bottom price of L$100 for the first twenty-four hours only. Normal prices range from L$400 to nearly L$1,000 with her skin line.


Clothing: *Letters to You by Siss Boom @ L$100
Jewelry: [Necklace] Envision Necklace in White Gold/Black Diamonds, [Earrings] Envision Earrings in White Gold/Black Diamonds and [Bracelet] Envision Bracelet in White Gold/Black Diamonds by EarthStones
Hair: QPT129 in Black by booN
Skin: Elf 2 in Lore 1 [Dark] in Sundust by Curio
Pose: [1] Long Hair 3 – 8 and [2] Long Hair 2 – 2 by Glitterati
Background by RubyBlossom

* Denotes item provided by designer for review.


  1. Now I know what I'm getting with my gift certificate... The pictures and descriptions are dead on, nice job Lashae!